Small Space, Big Style

Small Space, Big Style

There’s no better way to celebrate a new decade than by enjoying a fresh new look for your space—regardless of the size. Here’s how we put together this functional compact living and dining area without compromising style.

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Sectional with table and chairs

Pick Your Key Pieces

One of the most important pieces in this room is this sectional. It’s stylish, compact, and comfortable, with a chaise that provides enough space to stretch out while watching your favorite show. Its sleek look and grey upholstery set the tone for the room and go a long way toward establishing the room’s modern feel and mostly monochromatic palette. With this style in mind, a mid-century modern dinette table and chairs were an obvious choice. Aside from the striking look of the faux-marble table top, grey seats, and black legs, the table and chairs also feature tall legs for a visually light look. This look is shared by the end table and the glass cocktail table, and together they help the room feel open and uncluttered.

Bookshelf and TV console

Practical Touches

This room is on the smaller side, so smart storage is essential. We chose to use bookcases that had open shelves for display as well as concealed shelves for hidden storage. The shelves we chose are on the taller side, which means that they can hold more without taking up too much floor space. On the TV console and shelf in the corner, we used black and white boxes as decor that doubles as convenient hidden storage on otherwise open shelves.

Overview of room with accessories


The rug is a huge player in this room. It has a largely monochromatic palette, but it also features a pop of golden yellow that we decided to carry through to the rest of the room with an accent chair, throw pillow, and other decor items. These yellow and gold accents help draw your eye around the room and give the space a curated feel. We also added some plants and sticks for a natural touch that gives the room softness and contrasts with the more industrial look of the black metal, faux marble, and faux concrete of the furniture used in the room.

By choosing functional key pieces that set the tone of the room, focusing on adding in practical storage, and using accessories to create a unified feel in the space, it’s easy to create a stylish look in spaces both small and large.