Making a Statement with Cocktails, Clocks, and Canvases

Making a Statement with Cocktails, Clocks, and Canvases

Easily create a polished, high-style look in your living room by coordinating your cocktail table with a similarly-themed piece of wall art, like a canvas or an interesting clock. Here’s how we created four different designs with cocktails, clocks, and canvases that work together to make a statement.

Living room with artwork of galloping horses and a live edge cocktail table

Rugged Western

Cultivate the spirit of the West with a pairing that celebrates the untamed beauty of the natural world. This look embraces the wild grace of the galloping horses in the wall art and pairs it with the rugged live-edge cocktail table, both of which feature warm, earthy hues. The slim black frame around the wall art adds a more streamlined, modern touch that echoes the geometric design of the cocktail table’s metal base.

Living room with industrial metal clock and cocktail table that looks like a steamer trunk

Steamship Classic

Evoke the bygone days of steamship travel to add an air of turn-of-the-century mystique. This look has an elegant feel with industrial leanings to the industrial-style clock whose riveted metal frame is reminiscent of a porthole and whose face and hands have a stately, antique feel. The cocktail table takes things a step further, incorporating elements that found on steamer trunks, including metal bands around the corners, handles on the sides, and a latch at the top. It even incorporates some of the function of a steamer trunk: the top lifts up and the inside has a large storage space.

Living room with round wood and metal clock and a round cocktail talbe

Natural Geometry

Embrace the allure of the contrast between natural materials and geometric shapes for a look that feels earthy, yet refined. This look celebrates the beauty of the tonal variations found in wood through the rugged, knotty planks in the large clock and the smooth, butterfly veneer top of the cocktail table. At the same time, the mixed metal and wood pairing in the clock and the circular shape of the cocktail table both break with tradition for a new spin on age-old materials.

Living room with bold portait wall art and a mid century modern wood and glass cocktail table

Bold Modern

Make a statement in your home with bold, modern pieces that have plenty of character. The large-scale canvas on the wall pairs an intriguing, mostly-monochromatic portrait with a vibrantly colored eye and lips surrounded by abstract swatches of bright blue, fiery crimson, mustard yellow, lime green, and metallic gold. Not to be outdone, the cocktail

Thoughtfully pairing a cocktail table with a coordinating canvas or wall clock is an easy way to create a designer look in any living room.