Big Entertaining in a Small Space

Big Entertaining in a Small Space

Living in a smaller space can have its challenges, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain with big style. Here’s how we created a room that’s perfect for everything from catching up with friends to hosting a casual dinner party.

Room with a sofa and wine pier

Cozy Conversation Area

Cozy conversation area with sofa, ottoman, and rug

We created an inviting conversation area in one half of the room by pairing simple furniture with rustic accents to create a relaxed, one-of-a-kind look. We started by choosing a large-scale sofa with pale beige upholstery to maximize seating space and brighten up the space. The large cocktail ottoman in front of the sofa does double duty as both a place to sit when there’s a large number of guests and a cocktail table when the gathering is more intimate. Two end tables on either end of the sofa provide a handy place to set drinks and plates. When it came to decor, we worked from the ground up by first laying down a rug to visually separate the conversation area from the rest of the room and add an extra layer of coziness. We then used colorful accent pillows as well as a large piece of wall art to pick up on the beige of the sofa and the orange, blue, and grey of the rug and tie the area together for a cohesive look.

A Space to Wine and Dine

A space with a wine pier and a counter height table

In the other half of the room we created an area that’s geared toward entertaining guests with dinner and drinks. Because smart storage is crucial in a smaller space, we chose a wine pier that efficiently uses vertical space for maximum storage. Not only does the pier have ample space for holding bottles of wine, it also has a wine glass rack as well as a shelf for display and a drawer for hidden storage. We carried the wine theme through to the wall art near the table, which has a distressed look to incorporate the relaxed feel of the conversation area. A counter height dining set enhances the casual atmosphere by blurring the line between sitting and standing for hours of entertaining and conversation.

Entertain in a big way in your space by creating a room that does it all. By combining a casual conversation area with an efficient space that’s perfect for wining and dining, you can host in style even in a small space.