Zodiac Spaces | Pisces

Zodiac Spaces | Pisces
AFW designers are feeling fishy!
As we swim into Pisces season, we've created a look inspired by this emotionally connected and intuitive water sign.

Pisces are one of the most imaginative and empathetic zodiac signs. These fish are often mystical, pleasure-seeking, and romantic; but are also known to be a bit moody, overly sensitive, and a bit elusive. Everyone would benefit from having a Pisces friend, as they know how to make strong connections, and show love to the ones they care about.

We dove in to our pool of talented and vibrant AFW personalities, and chose Lisa, a member of our visual design team in Katy, TX, as the inspiration for this Zodiac Space.

Lisa connects with the Pisces sign's creative and intuitive nature, which makes her an incredible addition to AFW's in-store team.

"My compassion allows me to listen to a client's needs, intuition gives me the ability to discern how to help them achieve the design they are looking for, and versatility gives me the opportunity to work with many different styles of design."

Like the fish, Lisa is drawn to the water. Her ideal weekend would be spent at a quiet cottage on the beach, or a secluded lake house where she can enjoy the water, read a good book and hangout with close family and friends.

A conversation circle in a beach setting seemed like the perfect place for our designers to start creating for this Pisces.

The symbol of the two fish swimming in a circle provided the blueprint for the room, incorporating round elements like a coffe table, and swivel chairs that allowed for free flowing movement, as well as duscussion!

As Piceans are often fans of travel and new experiences, we added a bookshelf to display items acquired on journeys around the world, as well as books and photos meant to inspire the next great adventure. Bookshelves are a great way to store items you love, but don't need to access all the time. They are also a great way to experiment with design and decor trends, and express yourself visually!

Fish gotta swim, and that means they need the water! Aquatic elements and beachy vibes are incorporated throughout this conversation space. Weathered wood, blue details, airy, light neutral fabrics and coastal accents complete the oceanic energy.

A day at the beach can be just one room away! If you’re searching for home design inspiration, look no further than your Zodiac sign, and make sure to get tips, tricks, and ideas from the experts at American Furniture Warehouse. We’re here to help you make your home beautiful, for less!
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