Zodiac Spaces | Aquarius

Zodiac Spaces | Aquarius

The Zodiac is mystical, magical, and a fascinating source of information. This year our designers have decided that your horoscope should tell you a lot more than what the future has in store, it should help you make your life more beautiful, and fit your personality. These experts have consulted the stars to create sign-inspired design in our Zodiac Spaces series.

January 20th marks the start of Aquarius season, and we turned to a member of the AFW team to learn more about this artistic air sign (NOT a water sign, despite the name!).

Meet Michelle,  a mother of two, a bonus mom to two more and a grandmother of 2 adorable baby girls. Michelle, both of her bonus daughters and her first grandbaby are all Aquarius ladies. Each of them are independent, intelligent and unique. Michelle admits they can also be a bit stubborn and opinionated, but that’s all a part of the Aquarius package! Michelle likes to make her own rules, values fun and friendship, but also loves an opportunity to relax.

Our designers have set out to create spaces that appeal to Michelle’s Aquarius traits.

They created their first look with a blue accent chair as the focal point. Blue is the color of an Aquarius, and tends to be a favorite of these water-bringers. White elements were incorporated to represent the winter season in which Aquarians are born (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere), and the creative use of metallic accents appeal to the individualistic nature of the sign. Plush fabrics give the room warmer and cozy vibes, appealing to Michelle’s love of a little laid-back leisure time.

Aquarians are also fond of nature and the outdoors. The faux plants, the floral art and the faux marble table in the second design offer lasting decor elements, inspired by nature. Many Aquarians are born in February, and their birth stone is an amethyst; a gorgeous purple gem. The rich purple shade used in this space was inspired by the Aquarian love of rich bold color, and the amethyst.

The final look our designers created incorporates a piece of art that represents this air sign’s need to express themselves and their individuality. The use of modern lighting is also meant to appeal to the Aquarian’s tech-savvy nature. Plus, it’s just cool!

If you’re struggling to find home design inspiration, look no further than your Zodiac sign, and make sure to get tips, tricks, and ideas from the experts at American Furniture Warehouse. We’re here to help you make your home beautiful, for less!

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