Zodiac Spaces | Aries

Zodiac Spaces | Aries
Spring is a season of new beginnings, warmer weather, longer days, and depending on where you live, the long awaited departure of slushy snow.
It's also Aries season, and our expert AFW designers drew inspiration from our favorite fire sign and outdoorsy Aries, Alexis!

As one of our buyers and resident design experts, Alexis uses her Aries energy to create beautiful and vibrant spaces. Her style leans towards casual contemporary with neutrals, but she loves a bold color statement.
Bold is an excellent word to describe Alexis and her style. As an avid mountain biker, she regularly burns her energy on the trails. 

For any Aries, opportunities to recharge are important, as they can burn bright, but fast. Our designers were inspired to create an indoor retreat that invited calm vibes, while including bright accents to fuel the fire spirit. It's the kind of space you'd want to rest your eyes in after a long day scaling mountain ranges in the sunshine.

Black accents in this Aries retreat are on trend, and give structure to the overall design. The upwards facing triangle is associated with the ram and Aries and their perpetual forward movement. Angles and triangles are all over the details of this Aries-inspired room. From the base of accent and coffee tables, to the doors of the entertainment center, it's a lesson in geometry.

The sofa, rug and chairs are a light neutral shade that allow for the incorporation of bold accents in almost any shade, style or print. In this room, a golden yellow reflects the warmth and glow of the Aries' bright, optimistic, and sometimes heated nature. But with a base this good, you can add accents that best represent you and your style!

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