Liven Up Your Space with Artwork!

Liven Up Your Space with Artwork!
We sometimes forget the simplest additions in our space can make the biggest impact. If you've decorated your home with neutral tones and added in pops of color with décor, matching art pieces on your walls can sometimes make the boldest statements. If you've made your statement pieces with your furniture, you can add in more neutral tones with artwork as well. The possibilities are endless with art! Below, we've put together all sorts of options to help inspire your walls.

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1. Antelope Canyon

If you're needing some life with a natural landscape to bring warm tones into your cream colors, then this is the one for you! Located near Page, Arizona, these colorful canyons are one of the supreme wonders of Arizona. When the sun is directly overhead, the beams of golden sunlight light up and transform the canyon. This image is of one of those beams of sunlight coursing its way to the floor of the canyon. The glowing contrasting colors in these canyons transport the viewers into a world of beauty and wonder. Now, you can transform your space into this beauty too!


2. A Special Place in the Forest

Looking to add multiple colors into your space? The forests of Crested Butte are always beautiful, particularly in the Autumn. With the cooler months ahead, transform your space with this unique landscape, bringing the outside nature indoors. 

a special place in the forest

3. Union Station

Maybe you're more into neutral tones throughout your entire theme. Black and white art always makes a bold statement too. Denver's Union Station is a city icon, located at the intersection of 17th & Wynkoop St. Built in 1894, it has been the center of Denver's rail transportation for over 100 years. Union Station will continue its venerable legacy. This image was taken in early summer 2011, the Ice House is seen in the background.

union station

4. Autumn Waterfall

Add the perfect touch of bright, yet subtle, tones that will bring in greenery and similar shades of the same color in your space. Seasonal Elements Clash in the rare moment of Peak Fall colors and the area's first dusting of Snow. This waterfall can be found along the million-dollar highway and is best viewed in the Summer or Fall Seasons. A slow shutter speed was used to transform the fast-moving water into a smooth, calmer like scene.

autumn waterfall

5. Crystal Mill

Cozy up your mudroom, regardless of size. Bringing powerful statement pieces with artwork can completely change the narrative of a small space. This wooden powerhouse is located on an outcrop above the Crystal River in Cyrstal, Colorado. It was built in 1892 as a mechanical compressor for ore processing for Sheep Mountain Tunnel. Originally, it had a horizontal waterwheel, which generated compressed air for Miners and fell into disuse in 1917.



6. Fluttering Hummingbird

Bring some fun into your space with the Male Green Violetear Hummingbird! Here we have it photographed feeding in the mountains of Costa Rica, which hosts more than 50 different species of these handsome little creatures. this is one of the more vibrantly colored birds found in the cloud forests of that region. And now you can have its beauty grace the walls of your home! 


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