Throwing a Virtual Party

Throwing a Virtual Party

This year has highlighted all the ways you can stay connected through video chats with friends, family, and even your recreational acquaintances. Below are a few virtual party ideas that you can host or join including design ideas to help create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your virtual meetup!


DIY Craft Session

 Virtual Crafts


Virtually share craft ideas and DIY techniques with friends or an online group! Create a functional and inspiring space to work in for your online session with the help of a spacious desk. Smart storage options like a stylish accent chest will keep your materials handy and organized as you get your craft on. If you already have the basics for a craft table and storage, consider extra lighting or supportive seating to keep you comfortable and focused while you create.  


Wine Party


Wine Party


Catch up with friends during a wine party from home! Get the party started by creating your own ambiance of a bar lounge happy hour with decorative wall accents and personalized décor pieces. Keep your wine handy using a bottle holder or rack. You can use just about anything to create the perfect at home minibar or wine space. Think outside the box and be creative when looking for your perfect piece! Try these bar product ideas here.

Movie Night Watch Party



Ashley Sectional

  Drop Table   USB Hookup



Watch movies online with distant friends and relatives from the best seat in the house. Use a multi-functional sofa or sectional that will provide novel features that you won’t find at the theater. Power reclining sectionals that have built-in USB/AC charging stations means you can plug your devices right in and a drop table gives you the platform you need to place your phone or laptop. Picking which movie to watch will be the hardest choice to make while finding a comfortable spot at home to view it from won’t be!


Online Book Club

Book Nook



Set up your own reading nook using a few easy pieces to add some character to your space while you discuss plot twists during your online book club! Bring in color and texture using bold hues in a comfy accent chair or through faux greenery to create a cheerful reading space. You can also keep things simple using a  neutral color palette of charcoal, grey, and cream. You can achieve this by adding a platinum grey or espresso colored bookcase. Carry the neutral color palette through your space using a loveseat or with throw pillows and blankets.



EXTRA TIP: Check out our video below on how to decorate a bookshelf!