Home Design Ideas: Cowhide Rugs

Home Design Ideas: Cowhide Rugs

You may think cowhide rugs are only suited for a particular style, but these durable rugs transcend design styles. Variations in cowhide colors and patterns allow a seamless fit in any décor from contemporary to modern styles. If you’re looking to add a unique piece to your space, a cowhide rug may be the best choice. Continue reading for ideas on how to incorporate them in your home design.

Grey Faux Rug

Multiple Uses

Cowhides are another type of an area rug, but you can also use them as a wall hanging or drape them over your furniture. However you decide to display your rug, these pieces will create a centerpiece in your room that will enhance your color scheme or add a captivating effect to a lighter interior. Cowhides are also a fun option to help bring organic textures into your design as well. Short on space? Not to worry – cowhides make the best of a small living area and work well in tight spaces.

Black & White Brazil Rug



Build on your design by layering your cowhides. You can pair cowhides with a traditional area rug or layer multiple cowhides together. If you opt to layer your cowhide with a regular area rug, use the area rug as the base and layer your cowhide on top. Cowhides can work with any area rug pattern, texture, or style.


Real vs. Faux

When shopping for cowhides consider premium Brazilian cowhides that offer better quality and that are produced with care. Brazilian hides feature variety in color and the patterns are unique making each piece different than the next. They are easy to maintain and clean as they are resistant to dust and stains. If spills do occur, easily clean your cowhide with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap if needed.

Brown Brazil Rug

If you are uncomfortable buying authentic, faux cowhides are still a great option and will stand the test of time. They are known for their resiliency to foot tread, making them great for your home's high traffic areas. Faux cowhides are shed free and easy to clean with light vacuuming.

Brown & Beige Faux Rug


Create a dramatic effect using cowhide rugs that will provide a stylish twist to your living space. Browse our selection of cowhides and area rugs for ideas!


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