Setting Your Space for a Video Conference

Setting Your Space for a Video Conference

In the era of Coronavirus, remote working is quickly moving past a lot of previous assumptions and challenges. Communication is easier than ever with email, instant messaging programs, and video chat. If you are expected to videoconference more, here are a few tips to create the perfect setting for virtual meetings so you can maintain professionalism while working from home.



Standing Desk

Having a proper place to work and set your computer is a good place to start your workspace for videoconferencing. You want to make sure you are eye level with your camera and having sufficient space to work is worth the investment. Lift desks allow for additional flexibility and movement, but stationary desks can offer USB hookups and serve as their own power charging stations.  If you don’t have the space for an office desk, you can browse desk alternatives including lift top cocktail tables.

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Light and Desk

Ideally, you want lighting in front of you to help illuminate your face. Avoid sitting in front of a window or blasting light from the side of you. Natural light is helpful in making your room brighter but a little bit of artificial light goes a long way to making your appearance brighter and easier to see.

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Simple Environment

Office Desk

Declutter your desk and tidy up any loose papers or folders. You can add simple home accents like small faux plants or whimsical Knick Knacks to help create a personalized work area. Just make sure you’re not overcrowded by these items which may be distracting to your fellow colleagues. Consider your background as well – a bare background is best to help aid in keeping the focus around you and the topics at hand.

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Comfortable seating

Black Chair   Grey Office

We all know the benefits of a supportive office chair and this knowledge still applies for remote working. Adjustable chairs with proper back support will help keep you comfortable while working but they will also help keep you focused during your meeting. Proper posture and adequate support will also help keep you still while you’re on camera.