How to Create A Calming Coastal Living Room

How to Create A Calming Coastal Living Room
If you have a busy life, relaxing can be difficult, especially if your day includes working from home. Research shows that people who work from home experience high levels of stress, with many struggling to unplug and end the workday in a dual environment.

Imagine bringing the relaxing, airy vibes from the beach into your living room. Coastal design instantly adds a natural and refreshing feel, with uplifting blue hues, calming sand colors, and clean lines inspired by the coast. This décor can help you unwind and transition into relax mode after consecutive hours of work.

Here are a few ways to DIY a comforting coastal living room:

1. Relaxing Marine Breeze
Navy blue gives a simple marine feel combined with seashell white vibes in this look.

Faux plants and trees with green vases instantly add natural highlights to this oceanside vibe. A bookshelf offers several options for building onto the look with fish and seashell sculptures and more.  

2. Calming Marble White

This look gives a classic sandy feel, perfect for creating a comfortable, coastal space in your living room. The marble white TV stand can be used for showcasing lamps and other coastal inspired décor, like patterned vases.

The plaid accent chair adds a hint of nautical flair with warm, blue hues that blend perfectly with the blue gold accent painting. Again, greenery inspires natural, palm tree vibes to make the overall look complete.

3. Cozy Coastal Corner

Maybe you have a smaller area in mind ready for spacious additions to create a touch of the coast? A white jute bench and blue coastal accent painting achieves this, giving a cool, modern theme for sitting and relaxing.  

Just one Yucca Tree, a nautical navy throw, and soft accent pillow creates a cozy corner with coastal vibes. No heavy lifting needed for this laid-back vibe. 

Transition from working to relaxing easier at home with these ocean-inspired looks. A coastal theme also adds luxurious beach vibes to your home that can be enjoyed year-round. There’s no need to paint or add bulky furniture to achieve a tasteful, seaside look.

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