Blogger Spotlight | Earthy Living Space Reno by Laura Funk

Blogger Spotlight | Earthy Living Space Reno by Laura Funk

Our living room was in dire need of a change and after a decade we finally decided to go all in.  From paint to carpet, furniture, and decor we changed it all. Thankfully American Furniture Warehouse is a one-stop-shop to bring your dreams to reality. Check out our incredible earthy living room design.

Sofa    Entertain   End Table  Pine cone   wire basket

Wembley Chocolate Italian Sofa | Urban Farmhouse Entertainment Center |  Laflorn Gray Chairside Table Pinecone Decor Open Wire Cork Basket

Out with the Old

When my then fiancé now husband and I started to talk about moving in together 16 years ago, we started to slowly purchase our large furniture items and store them at my parent’s farm in a shed. By the time we moved in together, we had a nice living room set, dining set, and some bedroom items.

Living Room Before

Earthy Living Room Design

We were limited on the arrangement of our living room based on the location of cables and plug-ins, but we knew that we needed a statement piece for our entertainment center due to the sheer size of our walls.  We also wanted to create an Earthy living room design with textures and decorative pieces that brought in our love of the outdoors but was still warm and inviting. 

Living Room After

This Urban Farmhouse entertainment center was perfect for our space. I wanted something that would blend well with our couches, but also had a modern natural feel to it. I also wanted it to have storage and places to showcase family photos and some other special items.

Entertainment Center

The storage is incredible in this console. I love that there are spaces for not only the decorative displays but also for our DVD system and cable boxes and that if I wanted to, I could even hide those in the cabinets.  Those cabinets are also super huge and we are still undecided about what we want to store in there.  I want to put our movie collection and my husband is leaning towards some gaming consoles.  

It was onto the side tables and they had to be sturdy, have storage and we wanted them to have power and USB ports to charge our devices. We found all of that in these sweet Laflorn side tables.

Side Tables

While at American Furniture I did snag a couple of home décor pieces. I fell in love with these pinecones and this open wire cork basket lantern. With the Earthy modern theme we were aiming for, the natural cork and wires of this lantern were perfect.  I added in a faux candle on a timer that comes on each night and in the evening there is this beautiful glow that lights up our console.  The pinecones were honestly an impulse grab but now that they are in the space, I could not imagine the space without them. 

Living Room Decor

Our couches also came from AFW while we were looking for a reclining set that we could all lounge on and enjoy movie nights together, but that also was easy to wipe down and wouldn’t hold onto pet hair. We have had this set for a couple of years and they are everything we wanted and more, plus they are still available in store!  The furniture and decor really made our Earthy living room design come through and we are elated with how well it turned out. 

Living Room recline

After new furniture, paint, carpet, pillows, window dressing, wall hangings, home décor, and more the space is finally done and it is so much more than I expected.  I feel like this is my home and my space for the first time since we moved in over a decade ago. 

If you are looking to redesign a space, head into a showroom or shop online with AFW! They have something for everyone and their salespeople are super helpful! Ours walked through the entirety of the store with us to find side tables that would look good with the entertainment console and decor pieces that would bring our earthy living room design to life. 

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