Size DOES Matter!

Size DOES Matter!
How many inches wide is your living room? How high are your ceilings? How about your door frames? 
Most of us don't know the answers to these questions off-hand, which is why measuring your space before buying furniture is so important.

The great thing about furniture showrooms is that they are massive spaces, with high ceilings and loads of items to browse. That's also what makes furniture seem a lot smaller in the showroom than will be in your home.

For example, this sectional looks comfortably wide, but not massive.

Bohemian sectional

But, as we know, looks can be decieving! The width of this customer favorite clocks in at 140 inches, which is almost the same as a VW Bug!
Can you picture a small car in your living room? Suddenly seems a lot more crowded.

It's also imporant to take door frames, hallways, and the need for a bit of walking room into consideration. Up to three feet of clearance is reccomended around a couch, so while technically a 12' room could hold an 10' sofa, it would be a tight squeeze.

To avoid furniture that's just too big, bring out the measuring tape before and during your buying adventure.
Check out the product specs, maybe even tape off the dimensions on your floor, get a feel for what it might look like.
OR, and this is the most fun option of all, make use of tools like Augmented Reality to vizualize specific items in your space.

By taking these steps, you can ensure you're making a smart purchase that enhances your home!
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