An Entire Living Room for $1000

An Entire Living Room for $1000

Everybody wants nice things, but when working with a tight budget, we’re often asked to compromise. Maybe you'll give a little on size, maybe on style, but one compromise you should never make is on construction or quality of materials. Our designers know how to put together a full living room for $1000, and will show you how to make that happen, and how to upgrade, if that’s what you’re interested in!

$1000 should, and can, buy you a beautiful living room you’d be proud to host gatherings in with your friends and family, but at some stores, that won’t even get you a sofa!

Not only can you create a gorgeous living room for $1000, you can create the perfect base to structure your design dreams around. 

The Stairatt Sofa is an excellent gray color that can be worked seamlessly into many different design styles, and costs less than $400. A textured rug, a set of matching accent tables (including a coffee table!) a chair, and some well chosen accessories round out this comfy and cozy look.

If you have an additional $500 to spend, a few curated accents and additional items take the room to the next level. 

Placing two lamps on accent tables along with a photo frame, some faux greenery and several accessories will bring some extra light and fun into the space. A decorative ladder adds some interest to the wall, as well as blanket storage, and wall art gives the room a more sophisticated feel.

With a $3000 budget, you can go for all-out living room luxury.

Swapping an upholstered couch with a leather sofa is an instant design upgrade. For some literal warmth, a fireplace console is the ultimate in form and function. Nights by the fire just got that much easier to have, and for less than you’d spend on just one item at some other stores!

Browse the items featured in this living room look below, or create your own cozy space for an incredible price at any AFW location!

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