How to Decorate with Organic Textures

How to Decorate with Organic Textures

Decorate your home with organic textures using these tips and tricks! 

By bringing natural elements into your home you can create a light, natural, and totally game-changing space! But achieving this look cohesively and attractively can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks to make this design endeavor a whole lot easier for the busy, fashion-forward decorator!

1. Incorporate different wood textures 

Pueblo White Cocktail Table

Pueblo White Cocktail Table

Distressed woods are created to look older and more weather worn. Because of the look of these woods, incorporating them into your room with elements of metal will add personality and character to the space you're making-over!


2. Use leathers and other natural materials

Denali 3 Piece Sectional

Denali 3 Piece Leather Sectional

Similar to distressed wood, leather and other natural materials (and their faux cousins) have a very distinctive look. Featuring leather in the main elements of your room, especially sectionals and recliners, adds a distinctly warm and comfortable feel. It also helps to generate the organic, textured design that you're trying to achieve!


3. Take advantage of organic accessories 

Organic Accessories 

  Home Decor Accents || Onion Grass in Ceramic Vase || Willow Branch Decor || Black Lined Natural Vase || Etched Concave Taupe Vase

Our newly expanded Home Decor Department has numerous options for accessories that fit any style. Creating an organic, textured look is easy with endless choices for plants & trees, vases & pots, kick knacks, and clocks!


That's it! Three steps to completely revamp the look and feel of your room, and obtain an authentic, unique look that you'll love.

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