Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors into your home is a super easy way to open up your space to make it look larger and brighter. Think about these three things to choose the mirrors that will look the best in your space.

Consider your Existing Design

Mirror with bed and artWhen you’re choosing a mirror for your space, look at your existing decor for design cues. What colors, finishes, and shapes are you already using in your space? If you have a very traditional space with lots of dark woods and elegantly shaped pieces, a mirror with a dark wood frame with traditional molding will fit right in, but a funky vintage mirror with a colorful frame will stick out like a sore thumb. In this space, we’ve repeated similar elements throughout the room: the curves of the mirror echo the curved headboard, the two share the same distressed white finish with the artwork on the wall, and the artwork ties in with the mirror through their shared reflective elements.

Shape and Scale

Leaner mirrorAside from the overall look of the mirror, it pays to consider the mirror’s shape and scale. Smaller wall mirrors can fit into small spaces to make the space feel bigger, while large-scale leaner mirrors help visually elongate a room with tall, narrow shapes that encourage the eye to travel upwards. They also pack a visual punch with a large surface area that reflects a lot of the visual aspects of a room. If you want a different look, try hanging a leaner mirror above a fireplace or on a wall. In this room, the leaner mirror draws the eye up to emphasize the high ceilings in the room.

The More The Merrier

Small round mirrorLike any design element, you aren’t limited to only using one mirror in a room. Using multiple mirrors really brightens up a room while making an impact. Here, we placed a small, circular wall mirror opposite the leaner mirror. Its smaller size, round shape, and hammered metal frame contrast with the large, rectangular shape of the leaner mirror to create interest.

By considering your existing decor, the mirror’s shape and scale, and the number of mirrors you use in your space, it’s easy to use these fun and functional pieces to brighten up your home.

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