How to Style Your Entryway to Make a Beautiful First Impression

How to Style Your Entryway to Make a Beautiful First Impression

Originally posted on November 9, 2016 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

While it can be easy to overlook, your entryway is pretty important. It's the first thing guests see when they walk into your home and it's the last thing you pass by on the way out the door—so it needs to be both stylish and functional.

Check out how we put together four entryways to emphasize style without sacrificing function!

Go Retro

TIP: Pair a strong console with decor that shares some of the same characteristics

This entryway channels the simple, clean lines of Mid-Century Modern style to create an entryway that balances minimalist style with maximum function. The door to the console slides to hide your keys while maintaining an open feel. Because this console has a strong geometric look, we've paired it with other elements that share a structured feel, like the bold sunburst wall art, a twisted geometric lamp, and a faux succulent. The pot of the succulent provides a cheerful pop of sunny yellow to add visual interest.

Understated Glamour

TIP: Choose a contrasting focal piece to create drama

This entryway gets its refined glamor from the mix of metallic finishes and its drama from the large mirror on the wall. The console, metal wall art, and looped ring sculpture all feature similar golden brass tones but each have a different texture, ranging from the brushed look of the console to the more polished look of the sculpture. They're similar enough to feel like they belong together, but different enough that they don't feel too matchy-matchy. The mirror works as a bold focal point because of its large scale and contrasting silver hue and mirror finish.

Updated Traditional

TIP: Bridge the gap between outdoors and indoors

Choosing a more traditional look doesn't mean that everything has to look old-fashioned. Here, we chose an entertainment stand that blends traditional style and a contemporary finish and paired it with decor that has a similar updated-traditional feel. The natural, organic-looking elements, like the faux grass and the tree-themed artwork, work to create harmony between the outdoors and your home.

Relaxed, Reclaimed

TIP: Don't be afraid to make a statement

Your entryway is a great place to show off your personality while embracing functionality. This blue sideboard gives the entryway a splash of color while providing plenty of storage, supplemented by the colorful storage bins inside. The tray on top adds extra function by working as a catchall space for your keys, phone, or other small items. The space above your console is the perfect spot to let your personality shine: here, we focus on family with a reclaimed-look list of "family rules" and children's artwork.

Whether you are looking for a minimalist entryway to hold only your out-the-door essentials or you need plenty of storage for your busy family, it's easy to transform your entryway from just another spot in your house to an important part of your home.