Blogger Spotlight | Kids Shared Bedroom with Life Through Mama Eyes

Blogger Spotlight | Kids Shared Bedroom with Life Through Mama Eyes

If you're struggling with how to turn your kid's shared bedroom into a functional space with a fun theme or just with that specific girl's touch then Romelia from @lifethroughmamaeyes has you covered! We teamed up with her for a dazzling kids shared bedroom idea combined with organizational help, without sacrificing an eye-appealing approach. Storage can still look good and function just the way you need it. See her charming setup below and browse the pieces she used for some design inspo.

bed shot bed shot 2

When planning out this makeover we knew we needed to switch rooms to be able to comfortably fit two twin beds due to the layout of the room. Idk about you but living here in Denver I have always shopped at American Furniture Warehouse it’s where my parents would buy their furniture and where later my husband and I would buy our first bed. AFW provides high-quality, affordable furniture and decor pieces to your home without breaking the bank. I honestly love browsing their warehouse because you get so much inspo and you actually get to see more of the furniture piece they have in person, that’s the type of furniture shopping I like to do- anyone else?

bed draws

My main goal when working on this room makeover was to create a pleasing, comforting space and serve function + organization. I’m happy to say we achieved this by adding these Gina Twin storage beds. The drawers on the foot of the beds provide the perfect space to store PJs and everyday garment essentials and easy access for little ones. The Shimmer Shag Snow Gold rug added the perfect touch of glam + softness— it's become a favorite hang-out spot for sure.

dresser dresser 2

We managed to properly store toddler & big girl clothes in the matching Gina 5 drawer chest without overwhelming their space— plus it ties the furniture in the room together and adds an additional layer of storage. With two kids in one space, storage is a must-have! Having an organized space for kids that is actually functional is the key to maintain somewhat of a clean room. Let's be honest— kids will be kids but having a space for everything and getting them involved in the process makes it easier for them! My favorite part is their clothes organization, we went through and got rid of all their outgrown shoes and clothes, then put things into this Gina 5 Drawer Chest making sure to anchor it to the wall for extra protection. The girls have been doing so good about putting their clothes away and keeping their space tidy and I’m so proud of them! 


Of course, they love their new room, styled and perfected just for them! 

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