Blogger Spotlight | Dawn of Design Boy's Bedroom Refresh

Blogger Spotlight | Dawn of Design Boy's Bedroom Refresh

Shauna from is our go-to influencer for styling on a budget! See her recent design below and how she spruced up her son’s room to create a better functioning space for his academic and social needs.

Webster Slate SofaRound Wood Metal Shelf Glass Floor Bottle

Webster Slate Twin Sleeper | Round Wood Metal Shelf | Italian Glass Floor Bottle |

I had three goals when I set out to do this simple, budget friendly makeover for my 16-year-old son's bedroom. He's a sophomore in high school so that only means one thing: as much as I don't like to think about it, he will be off to college soon.

He's an athlete, a video gamer, and loves to hang out with his best friend every weekend. With these interests in mind, I decided to change his bedroom into a more dorm room styled bedroom.

Sleeper Chair

Goal #1

To create a space that was more "dorm room". When I think of a dorm room, I think of friends hanging out, listening to music, playing video games and sleeping over. We added the amazing Webster Slate Twin Sleeper with memory foam mattress that is comfortable for hanging out and gaming that also transitions into an incredibly comfy bed when his best friend sleeps over. This chair was perfect to add to the room to create a little hang out space.

PJ After

Goal #2

To still allow his room to "represent him". This is his space where he spends a lot of him time and from the beginning I wanted him to be surrounded by the things that make him who he is. A huge part of who he is is track and field. He is a very successful hurdler and has a very bright future on the track. I loved this fun round wood metal shelf (which is a bit rustic + industrial) that was able to tie in with other pieces in the room. We were able to showcase some of his most special and highly notable successes on the track in an unconventional way (which is my favorite)... including a couple pairs of his spikes that he has retired.

Bottle Lights

Goal #3

To add some "fun". While we were shopping at AFW, PJ spotted the Italian Glass Floor Bottle and loved it right away. “This is so cool but what would you do with it?,” he asked. I immediately said, “every 'dorm room' needs some sort of fun lighting! Christmas lights aren't just for December!” We dug out a strand of Christmas lights from the storage tubs and stuffed them into the bottle. Instant fun and it gives off a great amount of light in the space without him having to use his overhead light. He loves it!

If you have never shopped AFW, you are missing out! Their warehouse is HUGE! It’s clean, organized, everyone is extremely helpful and friendly and their prices cannot be beat! They have something for everyone, don’t to check them out!