Trending Colors in Home Design 2021

Trending Colors in Home Design 2021

We are looking ahead to home design trends that have been forecasted in the New Year and we are bringing these color trends to life! Read below for insights and tips on this year’s color picks and seasonal palettes presented by Pantone®, one of the top experts in color that establish the colors of the year which influence all areas of design from home to fashion.


Colors of the Year 2021

Ultimate Gray + Illuminating Yellow

For 2021, Pantone announced two colors for the Color of the Year; Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow.

You can marry these colors or use them separately depending on your preference. We designed a contemporary accent chair and added a hint of gray using a decorative pillow to represent these opposite but positive color shades.


Yellow Accent

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The gray and yellow color combination is a color trend that is here to stay as these color duos have been making their way into home furnishings over the last few years. Our Maxwell Gray Collection highlights the popular use of these two colors.

Maxwell Sofa

You don’t have to revamp your entire space to embrace this year’s new colors – you can add subtle yet effective upgrades to your space using home décor items like decorative pillows!

Aztec Yellow   Aztec Black and White    Yellow Petals


Home accents can also be a creative way to add colors to your space. Shop our Home Accents section online for ideas!


Spring/Summer 2021 Color Palettes

Summer Bouquet

Pantone Summer Bouquet

Pastel Flowers



Pantone’s spring color palettes are inspired by rich floral blooms and seasonal pastels. Summer Bouquet by Pantone presents dramatic pinks, reds and lush greens. We got inspired by this particular palette and took the suggestion from the orange blush tone found in this color lineup.  Digging deep into the palette’s inspiration from nature, we put together a small design and made the tangerine orange the focus using an accent chair and matching it to a colorful art piece. Playing on the greens represented in the palette, we used faux plants to help tie together this celebration of Spring and rejuvenation.



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Learn more about Pantone’s Color Trends for spring and summer 2021 and discover additional color harmonies for more design help.