Thornton, CO

Thornton, CO

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Thornton, CO
8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 289-3311 Get Directions

Store Hours

  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 289-3311 See Store Details


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Westminster, CO 80021
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
4/15/2024 12:44:11 PM
By Gina Tave
4/15/2024 2:58:42 AM
By Vani Mitchell
4/15/2024 2:25:42 AM
By Greg Poseley
4/14/2024 9:20:34 PM
By Carmen Espinoza
4/14/2024 8:39:30 PM
By Ron Chavarria
4/14/2024 8:03:56 PM
By Tracy Menchetti
4/14/2024 7:21:44 PM
By Cindy Rice
The guys were very courteous and professional, they kept in touch with me throughout the day on the delivery time, and were very gentle with our delivery. Set everything up, put it in the proper spots and told us how to use our new recliners. I highly recommend American furniture For your furniture needs
4/14/2024 5:55:03 PM
By Paul rivera
4/14/2024 5:43:12 PM
By John Tinney
Always great selection and great service
4/14/2024 3:07:16 PM
By LessieLoo
I'm so excited to have a cozy little reading chase! This thing is HUGE so make sure you have the space for it if you are thinking about it for your home. Very soft and fuzzy ♡ My only complaints are that the main cushion is not sewn into the chase itself so I really hope it doesn't start to slip out when sat in, as it gets worn in. That was an issue with our last sectional from AFW.
4/14/2024 2:04:57 PM
By Melanie Garcia
4/14/2024 2:05:45 PM
By Joanne Sumner
4/14/2024 12:06:27 AM
By Richard sayavong
4/13/2024 10:56:48 PM
By Ricardo Pierre
4/13/2024 8:18:21 PM
By Sabrina Pacheco
Great service, and furniture.
4/13/2024 7:49:44 PM
By Elissa Price
The two delivery drivers were early. They called to let me know that I didn’t have to be home for the delivery, but they would be happy to put it in my house for me if I wanted to meet them. They were quick, and very courteous! I only wished I had cash to tip them!
4/13/2024 6:39:17 PM
By Megan Arthur
4/13/2024 5:41:33 PM
By Erik Hernandez
4/13/2024 4:22:59 PM
By Kevin Lenahan
4/13/2024 3:55:20 PM
By Mechelle CBurrell
The gentleman delivering & setting up my furniture are awesome. Thank you.
4/13/2024 3:07:58 PM
By J Dukehart
4/13/2024 1:21:35 PM
By Jenay Maxwell
Excellent customer service. Delivery was FAST I got my items in 3 days! I LOVE my furniture, excellent quality, more affordable than you think ☺️. Highly recommend 👍🏾👍🏾⭐️
4/12/2024 6:03:26 PM
By Alex Ryan
Great service and delivery!
4/12/2024 5:24:10 PM
By Chris Garduno
4/12/2024 7:09:15 PM
By Megan McMorrow
They were in and out! Loved the service!! Thank you
4/12/2024 6:14:38 PM
By Misty Clarke
4/12/2024 3:34:03 PM
By Kyle Slaughter
On time delivery to the minute, great customer service, and fantastic delivery crew!
4/12/2024 4:09:52 PM
By Dezo
Right on time. Professional and polite.
4/12/2024 2:02:54 PM
By Vicky Records
4/12/2024 11:49:34 AM
By Olga López
Me encantada poder comprar en línea y pasar por la tienda solo a recoger!! Gracias a todo el personal excelente trabajoo!!
4/12/2024 3:16:04 AM
By Greg Welch
Great place to buy furniture!! The service is outstanding and they deliver and bring everything inside, which is fully assembled and ready to be unboxed and they put the furniture wherever you want it to be placed.
4/11/2024 11:28:23 PM
By Mark W Mander
4/11/2024 11:42:20 PM
By Stan Golon
4/11/2024 8:00:25 PM
By Stone Cage
5 stars. No comments needed.
4/11/2024 8:05:58 PM
By Natalie Tucker
Great prices!
4/11/2024 6:45:13 PM
By Vonda Reed
I love American Furniture Warehouse. They have stylish, durable furniture. Their showroom displays unique furniture and home decor. Their delivery and set up is always well done.
4/11/2024 4:59:56 PM
By Erica Welch
Quality furniture at reasonable prices. The delivery service is well worth it for large items.
4/11/2024 4:39:46 PM
By Jen Siske
4/11/2024 4:24:46 PM
By Ben Buckles
4/11/2024 2:54:12 PM
By Daniel Erlenbusch
4/11/2024 3:27:25 PM
By Teresa Queen
Great movers. They sat up all furniture and were very sweet.
4/11/2024 3:06:11 PM
By robsixtyfour
4/11/2024 3:38:13 PM
By Kenna Vidmar
4/10/2024 10:51:04 PM
By Maria Huerta
Muy buen servicio rápido y ellos me acomodaron mis muebles muchas gracias.
4/10/2024 10:54:30 PM
By Marylee Swanson
4/10/2024 10:04:18 PM
By Brandon Smith
4/10/2024 7:40:37 PM
By Korina Kay
Very nice young men who delivered. Kept me up to date on delivery time. They were polite, careful and respectful. I contacted customer service by phone over a clerical issue prior to delivery. They handled everything quickly and easily without any problems.
4/10/2024 7:02:49 PM
By Joe Carrera
4/10/2024 6:23:05 PM
By Jaqueline valencia
4/10/2024 6:15:21 PM
By Harry Steward
4/10/2024 6:00:20 PM
By Meagan Higgins
Wonderful and easy service!
4/10/2024 2:51:14 PM
By Glen Ochoa
4/10/2024 2:46:11 PM
By David Thomas
4/10/2024 2:35:09 PM
By Nicole Long
4/9/2024 8:54:11 PM
By Conley Livingston II
4/9/2024 7:43:46 PM
By Ke McDaniel
Fast and friendly.
4/9/2024 7:20:44 PM
By Andrea Cox
4/9/2024 7:08:20 PM
By Chris Licerio
The loveseat was exactly as advertised. I couldn't be happier! The delivery guys were polite, professional, and placed it where I wanted it. Will always shop AFW for my furniture needs and no where else!
4/9/2024 6:38:09 PM
By Tyler Bowers
Love the furniture and the delivery service is amazing and very organized. They communicated very well and made sure to be courteous and prompt. I recommend having your furniture delivered!
4/9/2024 6:31:24 PM
By Laura Gomez
4/9/2024 6:26:51 PM
By robert sparkman
4/9/2024 5:34:33 PM
By Gigi Smalls
Had so much fun picking out couches! Such a beautiful selection and varying prices all within our budget.
4/9/2024 5:24:00 PM
By Adrian Fernandez
4/9/2024 5:10:41 PM
By Q
Great cheap furniture lower than any other furniture store with fast easy delivery
4/9/2024 4:47:36 PM
By Lucy Backus
4/9/2024 3:45:38 PM
By Carla M.
AFW is always exceptional! I can order online or visit a showroom with NO pushy salespeople! Delivery is fast always!
4/9/2024 3:27:16 PM
By Chris Davis
4/9/2024 11:38:39 AM
By Heather Currier
This place is MASSIVE. I came here expecting it to be our first stop in our search for patio furniture and a bedroom set. It was our only stop! Their selection is mind-blowing and the sales associates are very helpful and knowledgeable. We got free delivery of our 15+ pieces, and they assembled everything on the spot. Very careful and courteous inside our home. We'll definitely go back!
4/9/2024 12:04:12 AM
By Kimberly Schenck
4/8/2024 9:12:36 PM
By Inez Gee
Great service, fast delivery, the delivery men were super kind and helpful.
4/8/2024 7:34:32 PM
By Diana Lop[ez
4/8/2024 6:39:11 PM
By Cory
Excellent delivery service! The couches are very nice and look great in our living room.
4/8/2024 6:00:21 PM
By Richard W
I like shopping here, but one time someone I knew had a bad delivery experience. At the end of the day, you don’t know who you’re going to get from a delivery perspective - most of the guys I’ve gotten have been good but they’ve always been good about returns and making things right. It’s not the best furniture in the world, but it’s also decently priced.
4/8/2024 6:04:31 PM
By Mark Kite
4/8/2024 5:19:37 PM
By Karen Hays
Bought many items here, always a seamless transaction and delivery!
4/8/2024 2:52:54 PM
By Mike Fahrenbruch
Had another great furniture buying experience from AFW! We have purchased several different sets of furniture from AFW in the last few years. From living room furniture to bedroom, furniture, and a few things in between. Every time they have always been great prices and great service.
4/8/2024 3:34:44 PM
By NexGen Logistics LLC
4/8/2024 3:29:59 PM
By Kailee Fischer
4/8/2024 2:18:42 PM
By David
4/8/2024 1:44:43 PM
By Terry
Great experience purchasing a day bed. Delivery was professional and on time
4/8/2024 3:25:12 AM
By David Wright
4/7/2024 11:11:59 PM
By Wendy Grey
I always have a good experience with this store!
4/7/2024 11:15:28 PM
By Shane Harris
4/7/2024 10:25:38 PM
By Barb Curtis
I bought bed & mattress on-line. Very easy but I forgot to add mattress pick up. NO Problem they fixed it right away. Sent text for delivery window of 1-3:30. Called said I was 2nd on delivery and within 20 minutes of call they arrived at 12:00! Done by 12:15! Ahead of schedule, very nice gentlemen and an overall great experience all around. I intend to purchase a sofa soon and definitely will be going thru AFW!
4/7/2024 7:34:24 PM
By mrsnevu8ry
No complaints! The selection was great, with great pricing! It didn't take long to be schedule a delivery date! The quality of the couch meet our expectations. The delivery and setup was definitely platinum service! We didn't have to do anything, but stay out of the way.
4/7/2024 7:28:50 PM
By Jessica Mcferson
Every piece of furniture we have gotten has been amazing and the delivery guys are always great!
4/7/2024 7:01:28 PM
By Alan Martinez
On time very nice and professional
4/7/2024 6:36:58 PM
By Rick W. (H2I Group)
As always we love this place and we continue to shop there.
4/7/2024 5:58:46 PM
By Channyn Morris
4/7/2024 5:19:40 PM
By melissa
Super fast, kind and efficient!
4/7/2024 5:15:00 PM
By Tamara Hughes
4/7/2024 5:05:24 PM
By Juliana Amann
4/7/2024 4:40:09 PM
By Clarissa Avila
4/7/2024 4:13:42 PM
By Kelly Houghton
The whole Process from ordering to delivery was wonderful. I am very satisfied. Great job.
4/7/2024 4:19:28 PM
By Naseem Green
They are helpful understand and the prices are amazing!!
4/7/2024 3:06:30 PM
By Christine Hicks
Wonderful experience with their platinum delivery and the furniture is beautiful!
4/7/2024 2:04:38 PM
By April Coleman
Great customer service and delivery was great the two guys were very friendly and were here earlier than expected which was great!
4/7/2024 3:08:38 AM
By Rosalie Gurule
4/7/2024 2:20:46 AM
By Jeremy Norcross
Great furniture at great prices with great service!
4/7/2024 12:50:20 AM
By Vahid Ghodsi

About This Store

American Furniture Warehouse Thornton, CO

The Thornton American Furniture Warehouse is your home for the largest selection of furniture in North Denver, Colorado. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by the Thornton American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of Bedroom sets, Dining Room sets, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Colorado.