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Grand Junction, CO Showroom
2570 American Way
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 208-1920 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Grand Junction

2570 American Way
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
4/15/2024 7:17:12 PM
By Beatriz McCartney
4/14/2024 1:14:52 PM
By Lucia Rivera
4/13/2024 7:41:53 PM
By Laura Harrison
Great service in store and with the delivery!
4/13/2024 5:18:46 AM
By Sherrion Taylor
Sales men and delivery People are always helpful and professional.
4/12/2024 10:51:31 PM
By Jeremy Stahl
Fast and friendly service
4/12/2024 8:03:56 PM
By Gorilla D
Dillion helped me put together a nice set of furniture for my kiddos and it was an excellent experience. Not only was he extremely helpful but was mindful of my needs and was even able to adjust my order when I made the mistake on my purchase. 10/10 would highly recommend and his expertise!
4/12/2024 7:45:59 PM
By Wayne Telford
Mike and Robert were totally prepared. Delivery and setup were excellent They are outstanding young men. Wayne Telford
4/12/2024 4:16:51 PM
By Christopher Allan
4/11/2024 4:16:16 PM
By Mallory Stewart
Professional and great service! We had picked up a damaged piece and noticed when we got it home. They were happy to work with us and fixed the issue. Will buy here again!
4/10/2024 9:22:58 PM
By Kenneth McLean
Appreciated how I was treated. Will buy from again.
4/10/2024 7:16:24 PM
By Sandra Sebold
4/10/2024 5:35:07 PM
By Debora Borrell
4/10/2024 1:35:30 AM
By Dana Anderson
Excellent quality, excellent service, I've bought several things through them and have always had high quality and great service! Recently I bought a chair brought it home and it was too big for the space so I returned it and the return went very smooth and easy, the customer service was kind, polite, and helpful.
4/9/2024 8:17:40 PM
By Wendy Muneton
4/9/2024 5:07:47 PM
By Chrys Doyle
4/9/2024 2:25:38 PM
By Joseph Pius
4/9/2024 2:59:05 AM
By metro docheff
4/8/2024 6:22:47 PM
By Rhonda Dexter
4/8/2024 5:38:43 PM
By Brittany R
4/5/2024 4:59:10 PM
By Nicole Muniz
When at the store I knew I was looking for a full bed in white with storage, the showroom staff were quick to show me my best options as well as navigate me to their online selection. Upon letting them know I'd be checking between my options they gave me the space I wanted and only really checked in with me when they realized I was floating around the same bed for a while. They didn't push for any sales and merely listened when I mentioned I was stuck between two choices and wished me luck. I eventually settled on my choice and went through with my purchase. The only thing that made me go "ouch thats gonna suck" was the hike up in price from tax and delivery fees (a necessary evil). Today I had my delivery 3 days out from when I originally placed my order at the store, and my delivery men were extremely quick, efficient, and friendly. They showed no hesitance when I mentioned they'd have to lug the bed frame upstairs (mind you it was a tight fit for the head board) and their team work was proficient in finding a way to fit the damn thing up the stairs (I will note there is a minor nick in the headboard now and the popcorn sealing is a tad on the floor, but to be quite frank they did minimal damage with the cards they were dealt, heck I know for a fact my boyfriend and his friend wouldve dealt worse damage). I heard them working on the frame for about 10 minutes before I was asked for a signature and they were on their way.
4/3/2024 7:34:01 PM
By Krissy Carter
4/3/2024 7:21:11 PM
By Daisyduke Shaw
4/3/2024 3:37:37 PM
By Brad Banks
4/3/2024 3:35:37 PM
By Shawn W
I had an amazing overall experience with AFW. From purchasing my furniture with LeRoy to the delivery crew (Justin and Tyler). This was my first experience purchasing from AFW and I will certainly purchase from here in the future. Exceptional sales, delivery, and customer service!
3/30/2024 3:51:32 PM
By Cindi Frediani
Efficient, friendly, great prices and quality. We will definitely be back.
3/30/2024 2:14:34 PM
By Senta Costello
3/29/2024 7:20:16 PM
By Lauren Brosius
3/27/2024 9:27:04 PM
By Rodhe Peccolo
3/27/2024 3:55:30 PM
By Rebecca Piper
3/27/2024 2:44:23 PM
By Taran Evans
3/25/2024 7:23:22 PM
By Jessica Anders
3/25/2024 6:55:24 PM
By Diana Fraser
Super satisfied with the furniture, the awesome lady that was the sales person and the delivery drivers.
3/25/2024 6:14:56 PM
By Lyn scott
We went to AFW in Grandjuction, CO. The store was very clean, organized, and Jan Maez was very helpful. We bought a king size mattress and she was very helpful in helping us find the right one. The only down side to the store is they didn't have a lot of mattress in king size , at the store. We did have to have it delivered. We came in on a Sat. Got the bed on Monday early. The delivery guys were very kind. Over all was a very personal experience. Thank you again Jan Maez
3/22/2024 7:15:21 PM
By Lynzee Basler
3/20/2024 9:04:22 PM
By Tyson Powers
Best service ever!!! The customer care and overall experience is second to none!!! Excellent job!! Thank you!! Please open a store in Salt Lake City😎
3/20/2024 8:28:04 PM
By Davina Staff
3/19/2024 2:42:59 AM
By Casey Unitt
Good furnitiure for the price. Makes up for quality with great service.
3/17/2024 9:57:43 PM
By Helen Corbin
3/17/2024 4:52:08 PM
By Stewart Mall
Professional, polite and proficient!!! Can't do better than that in my book. Thanks every who helped.
3/17/2024 2:25:46 PM
By chris williams
Purchase was super easy. Large Inventory and the delivery team that showed up were fast proffesional and friendly. I was VERY Impressed. Great job guys.
3/17/2024 1:28:49 PM
By Greg Keehfuss
We recently purchased a living room set. We never got pressured, and the staff was friendly. When we decided to make the purchase, the salesman that helped us, Levi, was extremely helpful and made our experience very easy. We would definitely recommend Levi to help you if you need furniture.
3/16/2024 7:53:30 PM
By Angel Irene Davis
The guy who helped me purchase was really nice, the mattress had to be delivered so I waited a day and then went to get it, I would have rather this experience higher but the four men who loaded my mattress into the bed of my truck were extremely unhelpful and wouldn’t even help me strap it down. They threw it into the truck and then left very quick before I could even ask for help.
3/16/2024 6:12:15 PM
By Sandy Steele
I had two pieces of furniture delivered to my home and the delivery gentlemen were amazing! They were informative about warranties, and easily placed my furniture just where I wanted it. The service was very quick too.
3/16/2024 2:02:42 PM
By Teresa Williams
3/15/2024 4:59:39 PM
By Bobby Garrison
3/15/2024 3:26:05 PM
By Monica Chaney
3/14/2024 3:37:34 PM
By Elizabeth Cordova
3/14/2024 2:26:38 PM
By Gia Pirelli
3/13/2024 1:56:01 AM
By Vangie
Thanks for making it easy to shop. When I was ready for help, there was someone right there. Great selection!
3/12/2024 3:43:27 PM
By Donna Slothower
Service person was very efficient a ND did an excellent job.
3/11/2024 8:00:42 PM
By Jessica Breen
3/11/2024 4:33:42 PM
By Genesis martinez
Always awesome working with AFW.
3/10/2024 6:49:38 PM
By Keturah Young
3/10/2024 3:47:52 PM
By April Cain
Great service, and I was greatly surprised by the prices!! AFW is my new place for furniture.
3/10/2024 1:47:07 AM
By Brandon Johns
3/9/2024 7:54:41 PM
By Julie Kendall
3/8/2024 5:42:20 PM
By Amity
3/7/2024 5:08:51 PM
By roblox twins
3/6/2024 7:40:44 PM
By Leslie Handke
3/5/2024 4:34:22 PM
By Vicky Singer
3/5/2024 4:21:34 PM
By shannon chaney
Great customer service, employee went above and beyond to help us find what we were looking for. 👍
3/4/2024 8:24:19 PM
By a4x44ted
Great salesman with no pressure or hype and very knowledgeable. Delivery team was polite and courteous. Great experience!!
3/2/2024 7:58:32 PM
By Colleen Gallagher
3/2/2024 6:56:16 PM
By Rose higgs
3/2/2024 3:59:23 PM
By Judy Smith
Spent 30 plus minutes in there without any salespeople even glancing my way. They clearly saw me looking lost. Too bad I needed a whole bedroom set.
3/2/2024 3:35:35 PM
By Colin McEntyre
3/1/2024 7:55:26 PM
By Kimberlie Whiteside
3/1/2024 3:05:44 PM
By Cindy Epple
Fast service for delivery. Good value.
3/1/2024 5:18:53 AM
By Linfan Tang
The delivery staff's work attitude is very good. I am very satisfied. Only the computer desk was not delivered together with the three pieces of furniture I bought. The others are all very good.
2/27/2024 9:47:28 PM
By Jeanine Horsley
Everyone was so nice at the store, and the guys delivering were very polite and accommodating!! Great service!
2/27/2024 4:48:36 PM
By Cindy Seader
The gentlemen that delivered my furniture were very courteous and quick.
2/27/2024 4:35:28 PM
By Karen Kalous
2/26/2024 5:48:43 PM
By Ron Ebaugh
Floor salesman was wonderful! The two delivery men were great, really appreciate them.
2/26/2024 5:21:15 PM
By Edward Loffredo
2/25/2024 5:56:32 PM
By Kyle Mccracken
2/24/2024 11:56:05 PM
By Kelly
2/24/2024 6:46:07 PM
By Stephen Hall
Our sales man was a big asset to the store.He needs to be in a mananger position. LeRoy was the best salesman i ever delt with. Jake give him a raise.Thanks
2/24/2024 3:36:19 AM
By Galina Bridges
2/22/2024 11:21:18 PM
By William Hudson
2/21/2024 4:40:29 PM
By Desi McKibben
2/20/2024 3:28:57 PM
By Michael Bradbury
The only reason it's not 5 stars is that the only acceptable type and color bed frame/headboard they have is backordered for THREE MONTHS.
2/20/2024 6:37:02 AM
By Roger Eaton
Not bad, lots of cute stuff.
2/20/2024 12:59:10 AM
By Corey C.
Really nice variety and good prices. Friendly staff ready to help.
2/19/2024 10:46:32 PM
By Stevie Pruitt
Great store. Big selection. Great prices. Nice they offer delivery and install. Thank you for a great experience
2/19/2024 6:07:17 PM
By Midge Murphy
2/19/2024 5:56:19 PM
By Jamal Abuhalimeh
The best prices I've ever seen and the selection and quality are top notch! The only place I purchase furniture!
2/19/2024 5:56:57 PM
By Jennifer DelTonto
2/18/2024 10:28:32 PM
By Larry MacDonald
Great products, great service and great timing on delivery
2/18/2024 7:06:39 PM
By timothy seely
2/18/2024 3:51:13 AM
By Skylar Osborn
2/17/2024 6:36:02 PM
By Geri Trujillo
2/16/2024 9:20:15 PM
By Michelle Rickstrew
1/8/2024 10:56:10 PM
By Rodney Peterson
We found the perfect bedroom set. Great staff and delivery. we are happy.
2/15/2024 3:34:23 AM
By Cindy Swartz
2/15/2024 12:56:45 AM
By Tom Rowland
Duane Blair, our salesman, was knowledgeable and made excellent recommendations for the bed we purchased. The delivery team was right on time, picked up our old bed & box springs (which we couldn't have moved!), and installed the new bed and box springs in less than 20 minutes. Great job AFW!
6/10/2017 2:17:52 AM
By Kevin Terpstra
Great selection good prices
2/14/2024 7:47:00 PM
By Trevor Nasby
Awesome stuff, and fairly priced in my opinion for quality.
2/14/2024 5:49:13 PM
By Kenny Wolverton
2/14/2024 4:15:06 PM
By Tony Kratochvil
2/13/2024 9:06:21 PM
By Sharon Horton

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