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Christown, AZ Showroom

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Christown, AZ Showroom

American Furniture Warehouse Phoenix, AZ

The Phoenix American Furniture Warehouse is the place to find the best value on furniture in the heart of town. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States — not just greater Phoenix, Arizona. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by Gilbert's AFW and browse our huge selection of bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, home office furniture, entertainment centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgeable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Arizona.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
5/19/2024 2:08:51 AM
By Lilith Piercey
5/14/2024 5:01:34 PM
By William Flemming
5/13/2024 3:14:00 PM
By Jason Young
Delivery service was a stressful ordeal they give you short time notice and no flexibility. They want to charge you to come back. If you buy from them expect this type of bad customer service and expect stress and drama it may cause you.
5/11/2024 7:41:34 PM
By Isaiah Gonzalez
The table was assembled wrong. It is wobbly and the strews are not in tightly. I called customer service to have the people come back and the lady was rude and disrespectful insinuating that it is my floors that are uneven and not the table. I had this exact table before and it sat perfectly fine on the floor. I was told I would receive a call from the delivery manager on when the people would come back and fix it however, I was not provided a time I would get a call or information on how to contact the manager if I do not receive a call. I am very dissatisfied with the service and do not believe I will be shopping here again if this turns out to be a whole ordeal. The delivery people were nice with a nice attitude but, their work is subpar. I shouldn’t have to spend more time out of my day waiting for them because they couldn’t deliver quality service the first time. Will provide an update on how fast/slow/complicated/ or easy this process is going to be. UPDATE: They came back and fixed it no problem! Again really nice guys. The work they did the second time was top notch. Going from 1 star to 3. The customer service lady though is still horrible.
4/23/2024 6:28:19 AM
By Scott W
Shop elsewhere! They sold me a defective couch, lied about it, and refused to help me. Their customer service is malicious at best. And they've since blocked me from their online platforms. Classy!
4/20/2024 5:07:28 PM
By Rika Arjuli
We purchase several furniture from this store we like the service overall for price and service excellent and the customer service very friendly also helpful,we got good deals for sofas there
4/9/2024 6:41:40 PM
By Beautiful Girl
4/4/2024 2:53:40 AM
By Elizabeth Overberg
Went looking for a deal, still spent more than planned and threads are coming out already and it's only been a week. May or may not return
3/3/2024 5:55:41 AM
By norbert acuna
Nice place great Furniture just stop to see and look but be back soon to purchase kitchen table and TV stand
3/2/2024 3:53:48 PM
By Scott Turner
We have been looking for a new couch for quite a while now and found one online at AFW that we liked, so we went in to take a look. From the very polite greeting to the help we got in choosing our new couch, this was a great shopping experience. The store was clean, well lit, and had tons of selection. We eventually chose a different couch and could not be happier with our experience.
2/18/2024 6:56:42 PM
By Alexandra Cammack
I honestly have been putting off buying a couch for myself because of a number of factors but yesterday I decided to finally bite the bullet and go. I had been looking around the internet for prices so this trip was more testing out couches and seeing what I liked. The store is very well organised, extremely clean, and very easy to see the prices. I was immediately helped by another staff member as I was looking around and had a few questions. I said I was still thinking and there was no push on buying today or anything, which I greatly appreciate. I ended up with a nice love seat well within my budget. Aaron was fantastic, very thorough, double checking the love seat selection, my address, went through all the little details of the purchase, and made sure I understood delivery. I am so excited for my cute little love seat to make it to my apartment on Saturday so I can finally watch TV on something other than a piano bench. Great location and awesome staff. If I ever need to add to my apartment, I will definitely be returning.
2/6/2024 10:52:51 PM
By Brian Mulvihill
Unless you pay the delivery fee you of 80$ than you have to put it together. OK but that's not what the sales agent said. I bought 2 small chairs and was told I could pic them up assembled. Ikea much.
2/4/2024 5:21:44 PM
By Steph Aguilar
All staff were so helpful! Aaron went above and beyond to help us with all our questions, and was very informative with the delivery process for our couches. We look forward to going back to purchase more furniture for our home. 03/17/2024 Best service ever. AFW continues to go above and beyond! I woukd like to thank you very much for all your help. The delivery went flawless and the items look great. Everything was taken care of. Please share with your management team. From your sales person Aaron, delivery drivers and all of the customer service team you are all top notch company and you all have a customer for life. We will be back for all of our home furniture needs.
2/4/2024 12:15:53 AM
By Skyla Howard
Great deals, great furniture & a great experience with the workers. David M was especially nice! 10/10 recommend for anyone looking for new furniture
2/1/2024 8:09:33 PM
By Jacquelyn Cvijanovic
Great service, no stress and very helpful people. Everyone always asked if we were okay and very knowledgeable. No pressure into buying anything. We spent 2 hours looking at beds, frames and couches! Purchased a new bed frame!
1/29/2024 12:37:45 AM
By Rosemary
There were no problems throughout the process except one stupid policy. No one can pick up your furniture but you! RIDICULOUS!
1/24/2024 10:31:39 PM
By Stephanie Harp
Staff was super friendly. Welcomed us in and asked if we needed help without being pushy. There is so much to see and super clean. Prices are decent.
1/21/2024 7:41:38 PM
By S
Nice people at the time to sell furniture to you.Not so kind people at the time for a delivery..they don't work it out with you and they don't care..they want to do it their own way....poor poor poor service very disappointed.
1/20/2024 4:06:49 AM
By paul lentz
1/17/2024 11:44:24 PM
By Adam Mazon
Price was good quality was good sales people were right on it. Good place to buy furniture.
1/17/2024 9:29:22 PM
By Juanita Primero
1/7/2024 5:10:06 PM
By Dewan Aiken
12/30/2023 9:55:10 PM
By Teflon Don
12/30/2023 5:14:03 PM
By Gregory Daugherty
12/30/2023 6:44:02 AM
By Avery Beckett
This is my second time buying from afw and my sectional and rug was really great. Want to say thank you to David Manriquez for his patience and professionalism in helping me decide the right fit.
12/27/2023 4:01:17 PM
By Andy M
Looked around, really nice furnitures
12/13/2023 5:06:50 PM
By Ruth Quiñonez
12/13/2023 5:51:13 AM
By Linda Cruz
12/9/2023 11:38:38 AM
By kristina hoard
12/5/2023 8:45:15 PM
By Grace De Leon
Me encantó su personal excelente
12/3/2023 12:57:50 AM
By David Matthews
Affordable furnishings.
11/29/2023 12:52:22 AM
By Michael Valdenegro
Great Furniture great prices
11/23/2023 4:10:42 PM
By Mike Kloempken
great service
11/22/2023 11:07:04 PM
By Kees Schot
Te weinig personeel. Geen vragen kunnen stellen. Nul aandacht voor de klant
11/19/2022 5:29:53 PM
By Heiddy Cedeno
Compre unos muebles en esta tienda el 10/29/2022. Cuando llamas a Atencion al Cliente te dicen que son una tienda satelital que no pueden hacer transferencias, mi pedido llego incompleto, pesimo servicio de atencion al cliente. El Manager Steven y el vendedor David Manriquez son personas irresponsables. Esta tienda es DESLEAL, no compren nada alli, son unos abusadores.
10/11/2023 12:15:57 AM
By Kody (Eiko Shadows)
2/27/2023 6:29:42 PM
By Deven Wells
Hi beautiful store and prices are so good I wanted to order everything in the store and from the time you walk in you are greeted , then customer service greets you. I asked for a top salesman and we got Jaron very nice , professional and patient. I also wanted to acknowledge Lashonda from customer service thanked us again as we finished our purchase. I want to say Kuddos to the store owner for hiring quality staff. Thanks everyone
12/3/2022 2:10:51 AM
By Abraham Hernandez
Walked in today with the intention of buying a new mattress and bed frame. Walked the whole floor and not one sales associate asked if I needed help and the store was empty so it’s not as if they were busy. Will be taking my business to Conns or a different furniture place
9/18/2022 2:19:49 PM
By Ashley Mercer
2/19/2023 8:29:52 AM
By Mario Bueno
There’s definitely a nice variety of furniture. We purchased the Arroyo Caramel suede love seat. We liked it because the couch has the appearance of leather, but it’s actual soft suede.
11/7/2023 10:09:04 PM
By Becky McCurdy
12/14/2022 4:25:07 PM
By Warren
Nobody on the floor to help. But the guys in the back are great. Just returned a mattress and they took care of me professionally and timely.
7/27/2023 11:25:36 AM
By Chance Eads
Bought an office chair, and they have some of the coolest and most affordable furniture available, and lots of shelves, chairs, and tables! They were very helpful too!
4/21/2023 8:42:35 PM
By Annette Peugh
My experience with AFW/ChrisTown was awesome! The prices are very competitive, the furniture is 👍 quality and the delivery and customer service departments are outstanding. Thank you so much Patrick, Jaron, Mitchell and Tristen!
12/6/2022 10:48:33 PM
By Caroline Mitchell
Cool fun! Checking out furniture
9/29/2022 5:44:18 PM
By Charlie West
Everytime I want to skip a song on pandora, your ad comes up. I've literally listened to it over 100 times and each time I'm more and more UNINTERESTED in your FURNITURE WAREHOUSE. DUDE. STOP. ANNOYING!!!!!!!!
10/13/2022 9:29:59 PM
By jim steagall
I love love love American Furniture Warehouse. However, I visited the new Christown Mall location on a Thursday afternoon getting ideas for an entire house of furniture for my Airbnb. The store seemed understaffed and the employees that were there seem to be hiding from customers, sitting in nooks and crannies and avoiding work. I asked for help from one young lady who helped me out for a few minutes and then took off. She didn't even ask me what I was shopping for or what my needs were. After an hour of searching on my own I left without purchasing a single item. Skip this location and head out to Gilbert or Glendale where you'll find expert help.
1/25/2023 3:30:49 AM
By Kay Ponthieux
8/22/2023 12:52:24 AM
By Terianne Potter
I can't wait to spend money here loved it
9/16/2023 5:26:50 PM
By Mohamed Rizk
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! I ordered an Ashley Sofa from them by the end of July. It was a special order, and they told me it should arrive within a month. This way is a lie. I called by mid-August to ask for updates; they had nothing and told me to wait till the end of the month and that it might be delivered by the first week of September. I called on September 1st, and they are still waiting for updates. I visit the store myself and ask politely to have them take a look at the order and do something about it. They told me they would call me a few days after checking what was happening. I got a call the week after telling me they received the sofa and were willing to deliver it the next day. I asked them if they could provide it the following weekend, and they said they would. I have the delivery scheduled today (Saturday). I received a call 40 minutes before the scheduled time, letting me know they should arrive between 9 and 10 a.m. I waited, and no one arrived by 10 a.m. I called the number that called this morning only to be told that my delivery was canceled because they found out that the sofa was damaged in transit to their warehouse. That same warehouse where they allegedly received it last week. It has been a week, and they did not inspect the item, or at least that's what they want me to believe. Now, I am asked to wait 4 to 8 weeks again for them to ask the manufacturer to make a new one; there is nothing they can do about it. They need help to expedite the process. Add to that the customer service behavior. First, they don't notify me about the cancelation, have me wake up early on weekends, and only tell me when I call. They act like this was not their fault and that this is on the manufacturer. YOU HAD IT FOR ONE WEEK IN THE WAREHOUSE, AND NO ONE BOTHERED TO MAKE SURE THE ITEM WAS IN GOOD SHAPE?! I politely and calmly asked to be transferred to a manager, and they hung up the call.
9/8/2023 12:15:45 AM
By Jamie Wright
I can’t say enough amazing things about AFW at Christown and our sales person Aaron. He was incredibly patient and knowledgeable. I went in for one piece of furniture and ended up with a lot more, but there was never any pressure from him. He laid back, was helpful when I had questions and had amazing follow up as I awaited my delivery. Thank you so much!
11/26/2022 10:57:50 PM
By Angie Hawn
Terribly unorganized, attempted to buy an accent table. Purchased it, walk to customer pick up and told that’s not where I need to go. I need to go to express check out. Even though I’ve already checked out. Go to express check out and they check me in to pick up. Go around to the pick up area and the door is closed. I am then told I need to wait another 15 minutes. No one else is in the area, not sure who I needed to wait for.
3/7/2023 10:52:11 PM
By Margaret Hernandez
A place to go and look at furniture .it had every thing that you would want!
4/24/2023 1:37:00 AM
By Ernest Vernon
Clean and organized. Prices are fair. Quality is average. Not too crowded.
10/31/2022 5:14:22 AM
By Yolanda Tarazon
Great service beautiful all leather reclining sofa.
12/14/2022 2:17:58 PM
By Patty Hughes
So much to choose from. My sister will be back for more furniture.
12/22/2022 6:24:42 PM
By Tyrone Thornton
At American furniture I bought a couch and dinette set very friendly customer service and everything was delivered with great care.
10/7/2022 2:17:56 AM
By Keith Lipman
Love this place it clean, new and smells like new furniture
7/27/2023 11:11:30 AM
By Sean Mohr
9/25/2022 7:54:17 PM
By Art Weiner
Found perfect furniture for our needs. Sales person Julia extremely helpful. Took care of us from sales to payment.
2/12/2023 3:06:55 AM
By David Bell
I miss Costco, but American Furniture Warehouse is very nice. We bought a love seat. Our sales associate, Patrick, was great, very friendly. Delivery dates got messed up as it wasn't in stock like the computer was showing, but it was only a couple of days. We're very happy with our purchase.
6/6/2023 10:00:21 PM
By David Devoucoux
Nice selection. Good prices. No sales pressure. Delivery was on time. Gentlemen were very good delivering my love seat. Courtious as well.
4/13/2023 8:50:12 PM
By Kayla Olsen
This place is neat and everything is reasonably priced. I appreciated the open layout--unlike the cluster-maze that is Ikea--it was easy to navigate find what you're looking for.
2/1/2023 4:10:23 AM
By Matthew Ferrick
Needed some new furniture for my new condo and I've had great experiences with AFW in the past so I didn't hesitate. I had pretty much already picked out what I wanted to see online so my associate Jennessa made it super easy. She had a tablet, I showed her what I wanted to see, she looked it up and took me straight to it. I picked out about a dozen things for my living room, kitchen and bedroom then went back to her computer paid and set up delivery. It's being delivered on 2/1/23, super excited. Thanks Jennessa.
7/24/2023 8:00:50 PM
By Erica Lee
I loved this store; it was full of deals and quality furniture. You do have to look for a salesperson, but all of them were nice. I got a leather recliner sofa and a few more things, and I'm delighted with my purchase. I ended up getting a genuine leather sofa but the faux 1s were priced and looked good
8/23/2023 9:41:15 PM
By Sherri Acosta
9/29/2023 10:26:35 PM
By Mariah Mendiolini
11/19/2022 12:56:56 AM
By Jess Phillips
Pretty interesting store
3/11/2023 1:10:59 AM
By Mike B
If you want good customer service ask for Patrick. Great guy
12/21/2022 5:49:08 AM
By B S
Why would you call yourself American furniture when 95percent comes from China!!!! This is extremely misleading
9/21/2023 6:13:31 PM
By Sammie Rae
Prices are awesome and so are the staff
2/26/2023 10:48:48 PM
By Jahn Y
My first time in this store. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of affordable furniture and decor. They even sell TVs. And the delivery fees are only $79 for less than $1K of purchase. Best part was that the salespeople were never hovering or pushy.
1/31/2023 9:52:52 PM
By Susan Robinson
8/27/2023 3:09:02 PM
By EmeraldLike TheJewel
I'm not sure if we all went to the same one, but I went with my grandparents to get them a new sofa. There was no one there the first time we went to get help. We left came a week later to get one nice lady helped us but she didn't tell us if the sofa was ripped or had staples showing and the cushions aren't even the same. That we would have to pay the price difference even though this isn't the one we wanted. It's horrible I'm not sure how they can do business like this.
7/29/2023 4:20:59 AM
By U Prado
1/11/2023 5:29:25 AM
By Marco Breton
2/28/2023 10:46:11 AM
By Loz Kimble
OK, it wasn’t that busy, but the assistance in finding a sofa and matching rug was amazing. My organizer/designer worked with me over the phone (photos & FaceTime) to choose the right items for my space, and the AFW representative took me all over the (huge) store looking for items to turn my townhouse into a home.
3/12/2023 10:25:24 PM
By Morgan Nelson
Alejandra told us that we would be able to pick up a crib that was bought for my pregnant sister. The crib was bought by my sisters mother in law, who paid over the phone for the crib since she lives in Mississippi. Alejandra specifically told my mom and sister that they could pick up the crib, so they had the mother in law buy the crib (they are going 50:50 on costs). We go to pick it up, and Alejandra’s story has changed. Now we cannot pick up the crib at all. Horrible experience. Update: in a not so surprising turn of events. Mother in law calls the store. Asks them why they would not let the person on the receipt pick up the crib. They say that she, as the person with the card that was used during the transaction, should pick it up. SHE LIVES IN MISSISSIPPI. So here we are. They refuse to deliver without charging another fee. Mother in law bought the product using an online link that salesperson Alejandra specifically pulled up during the sale with my mother and sister. Was told no problem, give us a name and I can put it in the system so that the person can pick up the items. At this point, a report to the BBB is warranted. You sold a product that you didn’t intend to allow to be taken from the facility. Update #2: my dad had to go pick up the crib and dresser for attempt #2. He had a conversation with Lashona, who was helpful, understanding, and apologetic, and got everything worked out. Looks like American furniture has at least one competent employee. If you buy from here, please ask for Lashona. Thank you Lashona, I updated my review from 1 star to 2.
12/21/2022 6:47:09 PM
By Julie Rys
There is a good selection, prices are okay, the best part is that no one shadows you as you shop, but there are staff available if you need them. I'd like to see more quality furniture, though.
4/17/2023 9:50:25 PM
By Porche
DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE OR ANY AFW ONCE THYW GET YOUR MONEY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE American furniture Warehouse does not care about people spent over $8,000 +getting furniture for a new home also furniture for relative they did not deliver the hardware relative went up to the store to pick up the hardware manager never responded Aaron Oakley poc for store purchase escalated to manger Jeremy Dennis was supposed to call by Friday and it's Monday and received no call there phone numbers don't work make sure to call the Google voice number PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM SAVE YOUR SELF FROM CONDESCENDING
12/9/2022 12:48:09 AM
By Britt Zoloto
We were not aware beds had massagers. Our salesperson did not share the benefits of upgrades. I would not have known about it had I not gotten an upgraded bed by mistake. The delivery guy said enjoy the free upgrade and don’t tell anyone. I still said something because I felt it was wrong. I don’t feel it’s fair that I had to pay the difference either. The did not say anything until they were done. I should not have been required to pay as it was their fault for delivering it. My husband’s mattress is defective. Our delivery for the exchange is running late. No communication on that. I had to call customer service. This company is a joke. I do not recommend this business.
10/1/2023 5:10:13 AM
By Ariann Cavazos
6/25/2023 6:56:23 PM
By Deborah Pringle
Good place for furniture. When you are on a buget
7/3/2023 3:03:43 PM
What I like the most is that the sales personnel is not pushy
1/3/2023 12:57:22 AM
By Olen Pepple
We have bought some stuff over the years from AFW for office furniture. The staff is always plentiful, helpful, and curtious. The prices are usually pretty good but it's not top of the line furniture. I will certainly be back.
9/22/2022 7:36:36 PM
By J Garcia
The people here are very helpful. Thank you Patty for your time and knowledge. J
12/6/2022 1:38:52 AM
By Armando Sausedo
Eye Candy in the Customer Pick Up 😏
7/9/2023 2:22:04 PM
By Robert Mainieri (Rob)
6/2/2023 3:56:13 AM
By Zena Warrior
Nice and open
1/16/2023 4:27:58 AM
By Jennifer Falis (Giggles)
3/30/2023 6:04:26 PM
By Daniel E
Just walking around today to check out deals. This place is amazing. Really great deals & lots of mark downs. I will be back to buy very soon. It's Thursday about 10:30 am.
1/4/2023 9:58:00 PM
By Sonia Marquez
I was very pleased with out sales person Patrick. He vas very friendly, efficient, and detailed about each item we looked at. He really went out of his way to help us and made us feel welcome.
3/18/2023 5:55:20 AM
By Isaiah Larson
Thank you AFW. My saleswoman was perfect. Helped my family choose our first amazing Seabreeze mattress. We are excited to sleep now. Had to boss this box up to my 2nd floor. !
3/5/2023 1:43:41 AM
By Jesus Cereceres
Nice store, but no associates asked if I needed assistance or if I was doing ok. I'd rather drive to the Glendale location.
7/16/2023 12:41:01 AM
Poor service if you don't LOOK like you have money to spend!!😠
7/18/2023 9:18:44 PM
By Debbie Taylor
Large selection. Good prices.
9/28/2022 2:02:47 AM
By Kenia Flores
I wanted to pay with my husband's debit card and they did not want to sell me the item because the card was not in my name and the super rude cashier. :(
11/17/2022 3:16:37 AM
By Italy Carol
Beautiful clean, organized 👌
3/25/2023 2:01:33 PM
By Eva Puri
I went to the one inside Spectrum Mall, hugh selection of all items. Very professional Customer Service.
3/28/2023 2:39:15 AM
By Miguel Retana
Wow! Great customer service especially from awesome Patrick! Was willing to go the extra mile for us, and accommodate all of our needs.