Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert, AZ

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Gilbert, AZ
4700 S Power Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 500-4121 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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4700 S Power Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 500-4121 See Store Details


Phoenix, AZ 85015
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5801 N 99th Ave
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
4/15/2024 8:20:24 PM
By Joe Krizek
4/15/2024 8:26:29 PM
By Joe Rogers
Disappointed to say the least!! Being told that there is $300.00 minimum purchase to use their card is ridiculous, especially when they told me that's it's Wells Fargos policy, which was a lie. I was on the phone with a Wells Fargo rep when they told me that. I've spent thousands with this company whether personal or through my wife interior decorating business and will now be taking my business elsewhere.
4/15/2024 7:30:01 PM
By Margaret Maloney
Great people, fast service and friendly
4/15/2024 6:31:36 PM
By A May
Excellent customer service at every level of purchase. A damaged delivery was remedied very pleasantly and quickly. Have made two purchase from Afw in past year and would look forward to doing business with them again.
4/15/2024 5:43:50 PM
By Stephen Hall
4/15/2024 5:48:35 PM
By Susana Morris
4/15/2024 4:22:32 PM
By Kent
Great service and great product. Love our new sectional. Thank you to our deliverers Chris and Joe! They were amazing!
4/15/2024 3:35:32 PM
By Chelsea Allred
I’m so glad I stumbled across American furniture warehouse while couch shopping online. Can’t beat the prices. My experience from start to finish was great. My salesperson was very helpful and the delivery service went smooth and everything looks great. 10/10 would recommend.
4/15/2024 3:02:50 PM
By Joyce Meek
Very prompt, courteous, and excellent service.
4/15/2024 2:39:54 PM
By Arnice Broom
Store Assoc's were great! But their delivery members need more training! I asked them to help me with putting the mattresses I bought elsewhere onto the bed he just put together, and he claimed due to previous claimants that he WOULDN'T, I said there right there still in the plastic! And they wouldn't put the USB on the night stands, told me that ,all I needed was a screwdriver to install them!!! I said isn’t that your job? He said they don't do that!? I said what did I pay for, delivery and installation for? He said he did that? I haven't called the store yet, just think, I'm not going to go back to AFW again if this is what I'm going to be treated for what I paid for!! If anyone from AFW wants to contact me, plz find invoice and contact information and email and/or call me...plz
4/14/2024 9:00:04 PM
By Audrey Brown
4/14/2024 9:02:24 PM
By Jennifer Henkell
I had the best buying experience. It may not be everyone’s preference, but if yours matches, mine shop here! The store is huge and I begin upfront making my way through the whole store, Needing to buy about six different furniture items for a new place. Sales associates were around and available for help, but I’m one that likes to look and make decisions on my own, have associates available if I need question answered or when I’m ready to purchase and that’s exactly what this store was. I loved it. Within 60 seconds of me making my final decision I was working with the sales associate walking back through the store pointing out each item that I had decided on. There were a couple of pieces I had questions on as far as color or similar styles, which he was easily able to help with. That’s just the service which is great, but I ordered the pieces on Friday late afternoon and Sunday 9am they were being delivered to my home. The sales associate even explained that it was a little longer than normal delivery because it was a weekend. I thought 36 hours delivery time was wonderful, but it sounds like it might normally be even less. In the store, I was impressed with the pricing. It was what I considered very fair, not overpriced at all and lot of reduced prices. I was very impressed with the pricing, especially considering the quality of the furniture. I didn’t notice it as much in the showroom as I was just looking for comfort and aesthetic style, but since getting it home, I’ve really noticed the quality materials and how well made the pieces are. I may not find everything I need in this store in the future but I 100% will always start here- would recommend 10 of 10.
4/14/2024 6:19:42 PM
By Janny Butler
High quality, professional service, hard working delivery team!
4/14/2024 6:05:30 PM
By Jojo Valens
Thank you David for helping me
4/14/2024 5:39:59 PM
Great service and the delivery staff is super friendly
4/14/2024 4:57:50 PM
By Susie Ebersole
Great service and delivery
4/14/2024 4:23:31 PM
By Sierra Sutton
4/14/2024 4:11:00 PM
By Nate TLC vending
4/14/2024 3:29:14 PM
By Rita Buske
Excellent service at the store. Salespersons were willing to help...but not overbearing like at other furniture stores. Our salesperson was Pamela at the Gilbert AZ location. That girl listened to our questions and answered them as she knew the products well. That led to a more efficient way of selecting our furniture, saving us time. AFW has tons of furniture to choose from. You will have a GREAT experience, as we sure did.
4/14/2024 3:24:34 PM
By Blade Walla
4/14/2024 3:09:38 PM
By Larry Waters
4/13/2024 7:50:39 PM
By D. Wild
We bought 2 different Recliners at the same time. The delivery guys were awesome. Unfortunately 1 of the recliners just didn't work out. Customer service was great and arranged for pickup and the refund came in a very timely manner. Greatly appreciated. And again thanks to the delivery/ pickup guys they were great.
4/13/2024 6:14:03 PM
By Anna Brown
Over all good experience. However I think that two of the items I bought were from the showroom, I asked if they had more in stock n salesperson said yes, but proceeded to put sold sign on the item 🤔 and the white chair looks like the one on the floor. Maybe it’s a strategy so u buy the item. I don’t mind, but not if item looks used
4/13/2024 5:42:14 PM
By Sherry Montijo
Great service prices products & delivery. Highly recommend American Furniture Warehouse!
4/13/2024 5:30:00 PM
By Susan Vikse
4/13/2024 4:54:48 PM
By chad krakauskas
4/13/2024 4:07:28 PM
By Jay Scarlett
4/13/2024 3:55:33 PM
By Amy Cowgill
4/13/2024 3:13:55 PM
By Amy Bowes
4/13/2024 3:05:22 PM
By Harry Plenn
Fair pricing, great service
4/13/2024 3:08:40 PM
By Jean Slazakowski
Great experience they thought of the elderly by having scooters to get around and the furniture all looks good people are very polite and they have a great selection, will shop there again Also pricing is great!
4/13/2024 3:53:52 AM
By Kimberly Clark
4/12/2024 11:36:37 PM
By James Patterson
4/12/2024 8:52:05 PM
By Chuck Maslin
Always great service and reasonable prices!
4/12/2024 8:26:14 PM
By Shana Cunningham
Great options and very affordable! Clean environment with the freedom to roam or receive help!
4/12/2024 5:24:22 PM
By Wesley Perkins
4/12/2024 5:28:02 PM
By Gabby Wiswell
4/12/2024 4:43:31 PM
By bill lewis
4/12/2024 4:27:54 PM
By Mykell Lewis
4/12/2024 4:16:38 PM
By Mike Miller
Love it 😀
4/12/2024 4:10:56 PM
By Scott Svee
4/12/2024 3:34:55 PM
By Stacy Marsicano
4/12/2024 1:55:55 PM
By Hattie Mason
Dan Dan is a great and informative person.
4/11/2024 11:44:40 PM
By Jennifer Tinnes
4/11/2024 10:26:12 PM
By Jeff , Eileen Reinhout
4/11/2024 8:36:10 PM
By Dennis Embke
Fast service and setup. Very friendly. Would recommend highly.
4/11/2024 8:25:22 PM
By Paul Mahan
4/11/2024 5:36:19 PM
By John Wall
AFW was great to work with. From and salesman to the delivery guys. Couldn’t be more satisfied.
4/11/2024 3:45:55 PM
By Jean Kilburn
Walking into American Furniture Warehouse I was extremely impressed with the layout it was easy to maneuver through the store everybody was so friendly and welcoming when I first came into the store they were very helpful. Ralph what's the sales representative that initiated the contact with me it's very knowledgeable to be back to where I wanted to go and was extremely helpful and extremely patient because I am very indecisive on what I wanted and a gaming chair so I tried it a few different items and I walked out of that store very happy very content with everything that I needed which was a dresser a recliner and a gaming chair. Moving on to the delivery date which was 2 days out from when I bought it brought me a lot of happiness because I needed these items so I could get acclimated into my room and start feeling comfortable. The delivery team was very pleasant they did not hesitate to ask questions to where it needed to go and they were in and out within 15-20 minutes they are extremely professional very pleasant and on time when they say the delivery window is in between a certain time they get there and there's no backtracking or anything so I am extremely happy with American Furniture Warehouse and I will be back to buy more items from them!!
4/11/2024 3:33:26 PM
By joseph wilson
Impressed with delivery staff. Chair came in excellent condition. Phone salesperson was knowledgeable courteous and easy to talk too.
4/11/2024 3:36:08 PM
By Gloria Anderson
4/11/2024 3:21:03 PM
By Allan West
4/11/2024 6:55:18 AM
By Jenny
Really nice store with a lot of choices
4/11/2024 2:29:28 AM
By Bernadette Kilroy
12/24/2020 4:22:01 PM
By Wade Miller
Staff was very friendly and helpful.Steven Couch was the person we delt with and was very informative. He followed up when our chairs arrived two weeks earlier than expected. They were delivered and installed today, just four daysafter ordering. Thank you.
4/10/2024 11:31:17 PM
By Bruce Jacques
Absolutely the worst company ever. I ordered a dining room table and chairs from them. Paid for everything including delivery. They promised delivery within a month. Here we are two months later and I still have not received what I paid for. Their customer service has no clue what they are doing. When I speak to my sales agent, he tells me one thing and then when I speak to customer service, they tell me something different. Unfortunately I am not forced to pursue legal action. I implore everyone to tread cautiously with this horrible company.
4/10/2024 9:03:05 PM
By Linda Lemon
4/10/2024 6:59:38 PM
By Juan Gonzalez
Great place to buy furniture. Go see Joe Show, he’s the man to know! Delivery was fast and friendly.
4/10/2024 5:37:11 PM
By Thea Williams
The delivery was fast, efficient and courteous.
4/10/2024 4:39:39 PM
By Cheryl Garcia
Quick delivery and assembly. Employees were very respectful of us and our home.
4/10/2024 4:26:17 PM
By Jim Veatch
Good service and delivery. Team did not assemble the nightstands which I thought was odd but everything else was good.
4/10/2024 4:00:17 PM
By Quinito Martinez
4/10/2024 3:41:27 PM
By Jazmine Martinez
Loved Adrian and his partners work they did a fast but careful job on bring in my furniture. 10/10 service
4/9/2024 11:05:39 PM
By Jason O'Dell
Helpful and great prices
4/9/2024 10:12:06 PM
By SUZANNE Petrucci
Great customer service and great delivery
4/9/2024 8:21:46 PM
By Celeste Bay
4/9/2024 7:30:29 PM
By Benjamin Armistead
4/9/2024 5:23:34 PM
By Jodi Gibson
Delivery was quick and great drivers!❤️❤️
4/9/2024 4:54:12 PM
By Amber Sickler
4/9/2024 5:00:11 PM
By Brandy Jean
4/9/2024 4:28:19 PM
By Brian Dahlgren
4/9/2024 4:05:57 PM
By Robert Folger
Was not pressured sales person was helpful and efficient!
4/9/2024 1:56:40 PM
By Reece Ivie
AFW, everyone we met was friendly and helpful.
4/8/2024 9:02:06 PM
By Scott Kelly
4/8/2024 8:26:10 PM
By Frank Grall
Great service and help.
4/8/2024 8:09:22 PM
By Stephen Frausto
4/8/2024 6:41:51 PM
By Elizabeth Holliday
Amazing experience. I've bought furniture from them multiple times now and will continue to do so!
4/8/2024 5:30:32 PM
By Christopher Wing
JC is hands down the best person we had ever dealt with. He took time to get to know us, asked about how our home was currently themed, and asked what we were looking for and he applied his knowledge and experience towards his recommendations. This was by far the best experience we had shopping for furniture. In all honesty this was the best experience making any large purchase. I would recommend JC and will only be going to him!
4/8/2024 4:49:23 PM
By Dana Murray
4/8/2024 3:22:52 PM
By Lacy Lynch
4/8/2024 4:08:01 AM
By Jim Liversedge
4/7/2024 7:39:06 PM
By Jason Poormon
Delivery was on time and very professional.
4/7/2024 6:25:19 PM
By B P
Edit: One of the two items ended up being damaged, so we decided to return both. We called and were instructed to pull into bay 15 and wait. After waiting by the bay for over 30 minutes, someone finally walked out and asked why we didn't walk into the bay for service. I informed them the phone agent told us to just pull up to the bay and wait. What a ridiculous mess. ---- Original review: Nightmare pick up situation. We received a text that said bay 10, and someone else flew into the space as we were backing in. Staff did not help redirect them to the correct bay, instead, they loaded their vehicle. Once we were finally able to get in, they served people who arrived after us, despite our boxes sitting at the end of the bay, waiting to be loaded. Incredibly unprofessional, would not shop here again for the pickup process alone.
4/7/2024 6:03:13 PM
By James Joubert
4/7/2024 6:04:20 PM
By Shaima Alobaidi
4/7/2024 5:52:03 PM
By Justin C
4/7/2024 5:12:44 PM
By Nick Johnson
We've used American Furniture Warehouse many times and are always grateful for the deals and service. Another great experience today. Thanks AFW!!!
4/7/2024 4:58:22 PM
By ILuVPac 0912
4/7/2024 4:32:04 PM
By John Slezak
4/7/2024 3:37:15 PM
By nadine cordova
4/7/2024 3:28:26 PM
By Jennifer Velez-Oliver
Delivery was prompt. The sofa is way more beautiful in our home than had expected. I've bought many pieces of furniture from here and I shall continue. Thank you so much
4/7/2024 1:40:09 PM
By Melinda Neumann
4/7/2024 4:04:35 AM
By Simon Mittal
Great place with good people who are helpful
1/7/2023 8:08:56 PM
By Nikki Crouse
4/7/2024 12:46:45 AM
By Vahid Ghodsi
4/7/2024 12:32:23 AM
By Judy Lyles
Salesperson, Steve Elliot, was personable and extremely helpful. In fact, after delivery we found that we could accommodate another side table in our living room so we drove down, had Steve paged, and he ordered it for us as a take out. Within 5 minutes we were directed to the correct dock to pick it up. Excellent service!
4/6/2024 8:34:38 PM
By Janice Jones
4/6/2024 9:02:52 PM
By Daisha Hill-Hurtado
Delivery guys were 10/10 kind and professional.
4/6/2024 8:22:42 PM
By Julie Law Kautzer
Awesome service.
4/6/2024 7:33:40 PM
By Tina Scaturro
Love my new furniture!

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The Gilbert American Furniture Warehouse is the place to find the best value on furniture in the heart of Phoenix's east valley. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States — not just greater Phoenix, Arizona. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by Gilbert's AFW and browse our huge selection of bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, home office furniture, entertainment centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgeable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Arizona.