Shop the Look: Casual Small Space Bedroom

Shop the Look: Casual Small Space Bedroom

Multifunctional bed

A small space bedroom can be just as inviting and functional as a larger bedroom if you know the right tricks. Here's how we put together a small bedroom that combines casual, cozy looks with functional choices.

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Cozy small space bedroom

Do Double Duty

Incorporating multifunctional furniture is a great way to do more with less space. The bed we chose for this room has storage drawers in the footboard, allowing you to reclaim space that would otherwise go unused. We also put a bookshelf to work as both a storage shelf and a nightstand.

Shelf using vertical space efficiently

Think Vertical

While you may have limited floor space, you probably have plenty of vertical space you aren't using. Optimize your storage by choosing pieces that have a small footprint but plenty of vertical storage, like this bookshelf. It has enough shelves to store and display some of your favorite items while also holding all your nightstand essentials.

Visually light mixed-media furniture

Visually Light Furniture

Just like any other small space, visually light furniture will keep your small space bedroom feeling open and uncluttered. Here, we used mixed-media furniture, including a desk, bookshelf, and end table, to keep things open. The thin metal frames keep the furniture from causing the space to look cluttered, while the mixed-media construction helps the room look fresh but cozy.


By choosing furniture that is multifunctional, makes use of vertical space, and is visually light, you can easily make a small bedroom that is perfectly cozy, not cramped.