Redesigning Your Space From Home

Redesigning Your Space From Home

Staying at home is an ideal time to renew your home and make way for the warmer months ahead. Instead of sticking to the usual spring cleaning routine this year, take your spring refresh a step further and redesign your favorite living areas. It’s easier to do than you think!

Rearrange the Furniture

To get started, find the focal point of the room. There is usually a pretty view from a bay of windows or a fireplace that you can center your furniture around. If you entertain a lot, your focal point can be around an entertainment center. You can also use a console with oversized art as a focal point if you don’t have a fireplace or that breath-taking view.

Consider the purpose of the room and experiment with different furniture layouts. If you entertain a lot and traditionally have your sofa in front of the TV, you can add a sofa bar with bar stools to put behind which will add more seating for entertainment.

Sofa Bar

Tired of the classic sofa and loveseat side-by-side pairing? Try moving the sofa and loveseat across from each other and place two chairs at the ends presenting a more sophisticated conversation seating area.

Conversation Seating

For more assistance, try the AFW Space Planner. Input furniture you already have and then play around with different layouts! You can add or subtract furniture pieces and create a visual for how your space will look if you rearranged your furniture.

Change Out Your Existing Art and Accessories

Simply move one piece of art from one room to the other. If you’ve been wanting to see more of that abstract painting you have tucked away in your bedroom – bring it into the living room! Tired of looking at the same accessories displayed on your bookshelf? You can repurpose accessories in your living room or bathroom to add more décor.

Side Table Decor

Create a wall gallery. Use family photos, a wall rug, or add texture to your wall. You can add some really neat elements to create a wall gallery. Living rooms tend have more grand walls, so if you do have a smaller piece of art, that’s a great way to fill a space but still make an impact.

Change rugs and accent pillows. If you’re in a place that doesn’t have pops of color you could add a small area rug and change out your decorative pillows. You can change accent pillows to match the seasons and have a fresh look consistently throughout the year. You can also jazz up your living room by adding extra ottomans.


Declutter and Purge

If you’re spending more time at home, this is a great time to reassess and repurpose your items and home décor. Start by creating two piles; one for purging and the other for repurposing. Look at what’s out of place and repurpose those items somewhere or purge them completely. Sometimes you just need to simply make a space more neat and tidy.


Bookcases and shelving units are a key place to start with declutter and purging. While you are going through your books, remember to personalize that bookcase with some of your favorite knick knacks and sculptures. Try the power of three; something bigger, something colorful, and some foliage.


Decluttering and purging are crucial in redesigning and even home keeping. You might discover that your new interior design style is modern minimalism!

Create an accent wall

This type of redesign is instant gratification and makes the most impact. It’s colorful, it’s bright, it’s cheery and it really changes your space. See our DIY texture wall technique.


Creating a new layout for your furniture or taking the time to declutter are easy ways to redesign your space and keep yourself occupied while you are at home. Find additional inspiration for new looks at AFW!