Blogger Spotlight | Quick and Inexpensive Summer Home Makeover Ideas with Jill Esteban

Blogger Spotlight | Quick and Inexpensive Summer Home Makeover Ideas with Jill Esteban
If you’re looking for quick and inexpensive ways to give your home a summer refresh, Jill Esteban has you covered! We recently partnered with her on retouching a few rooms in her home while maintaining the modern style and fresh, clean décor she loves—all without breaking the bank.
Entertainment Center
You don’t have to go for the classic, tall and bulky TV consoles to refresh your entertainment area. Jill chose this gorgeous white laminate 70-inch TV Stand by Ashley Furniture to give her space a modern and cozy vibe.
white entertainment console
Hanging the TV gives the option of using the TV stand to showcase precious family photos, decorative candles, and plants for an extra splash of greenery. The console also has connection holes and storage space in the cabinets for video games, cable boxes, and other electronics, keeping long and distracting cords and products out of sight.
entertainment room
This entertainment area still has lots of room for seating with a smaller sectional and ottomans or poufs. Jill’s picks prove you don’t have to sacrifice space and eye-appealing décor for a quick refresh.

Dining Seating
Upcoming holidays and guest events can leave you scrambling for seating options. Jill chose a few Cream Chenille 30” Barstools to park at her beautiful kitchen island.
barstools side by side kids sitting on barstools

These soft and tall barstools are a perfect match for the existing aesthetic, and the cream color Jill chose can easily be matched to any other paint or décor changes she makes in the kitchen. They are also kid-friendly, giving them individual space to sit tall and be comfortable. The chairs can also be quickly removed on a whim, giving space for guests to stand around the island instead.

Guest or Kids Shared Bedroom
Did you know you can quickly turn a bedroom that typically sleeps one into a room that can sleep four? Jill added two of the full bunk beds to one of her bedrooms, increasing sleeping space while maintaining an open and cozy feel. She was amazed that both of these full bunk beds could fit, still allowing walking space and room for a few bean bag chairs.

bunk beds

No need to sacrifice another bedroom to create a guest room. This room can easily be used for adult guests and sleepover parties for kids.

If you’re looking for last minute ways to get your home guest and entertainment ready for the summer, use this guide as a way to add extra seating, entertaining options, and sleeping room without busting your budget. Looking for more décor ideas? Check out our other blogs below!