9 Items That Will Immediately Pump Up Your Patio

9 Items That Will Immediately Pump Up Your Patio

The great outdoors can be the additional living/dining/playroom you never knew you had!

Whether you’ve got acres, or just a few square feet, there are inexpensive ways to give your outside space a little boost.
Here are 9 items that will make your patio the place to be this summer.

1. Outdoor Pillows

These cost less than $15, and not only provide a soft spot to rest your head and admire the summer sky, they add a bit of color and interest to existing patio furniture.

outdoor pillow

Grab these pillows at $12.99 during our 4th of July Sale!

2. Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

It’s almost like you’re bringing the inside, out. An indoor/outdoor rug really gives your patio, balcony, or porch a completed feeling.

Outdoor rug

This inexpensive addition will also make everything else you’ve got in your space feel much more put-together.

3. Adirondack Chairs

We’ve all toppled backwards off of a $12 plastic Adirondack chair; or felt like an elephant after snapping one, just by sitting down! Forget those flimsy models; these chairs are sturdy, stylish, and will last multiple seasons in the sun.

Adirondack chair

They are also under $200, which if you think about how often you’ve got to replace the other kinds, is a real bargain!

4 & 5. Outdoor Dining 

Al fresco is where it’s at this summer! Sure, you can balance a plate on your lap, and it works just fine, but why not go for something a bit swankier?

These two outdoor dining sets have every aspect of eating outdoors covered.

One is for larger spaces, and features high-top seating.

high top

The other, perfect for a smaller space like a terrace or balcony (and it's on SALE!!).


6. Wall Planter

Save space and go big on greenery with a wall planter. These can turn any drab surface into a mini forest, lush with O2 giving plants. 

wall planter

Just remember to water them, or things may go brown pretty quickly! (Green thumb not included)

7. Cooler Cocktail Table

If you don’t have a butler on hand to serve you ice cold drinks all summer (and seriously, who does?) here's the next best thing. A cooler INSIDE a table.

cooler table


It’s a place to rest your drink, or your tired feet, and also a place to keep your next bevvy cold!

8. Indoor/Outdoor Throw

Warm days become cool nights really quickly. Keep your guests cozy with indoor/outdoor throws.

throw blanket

This one is made from recycled water bottles, so you’re doing the earth a solid as well!

9. Fire Pit

A roaring fire is oh so fun! But, due to dry conditions and some serious summer heat, fires might not be a safe, or even legal option in your area. However, propane fire pits can provide all the ambiance, and a lot of the warmth a traditional fire would!

fire pit

You can have all the cozy campfire vibes, in the comfort of your own backyard.

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