Top 5 Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Shopping Experience

Top 5 Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Shopping Experience

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of furniture shopping is the high-pressure sales person following you everywhere you go. Every 5 second they check up on you and try to get to most expensive items. Most people would rather get a root canal than attempt to purchase a new living room set or mattress. At American Furniture Warehouse, we want to make your furniture shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible. From the minute you walk in any of our 14 stores and are welcomed by our greeters, you are free to shop our stores without sales person ruining your experience. Here are our top 5 tips to make your furniture-shopping experience even more successful when you arrive at our store.

1. Bring measurements of room, doorways, hallways, any pathway furniture will go through

Before you leave the house, walk the path your new furniture would need to take to make it to the room you are furnishing. Measure all of the entryways and ceiling heights before you shop to ensure the piece you select will be able to make it into and fit in your new room.

2. Bring samples of color, wood, tile, paint, pillows for matching purposes

Does your home have a color pallete in the room you are shopping for? Make sure to bring samples of the wall color, floor or any other aspect of the room tomatch your new piece of furniture. This helps you and your sales professional find exactly the right piece for your space.

3. Have a picture of your space or room to help your salesperson assist in the decision-making process

When you are walking the path your new furniture will have to take, snap a few pictures to help your sales professional (and if you have us deliver, our trained professionals) visualize your spaceas well. Take pictures of the room the furniture will go into to help too.

4. Consider the ease of access to the location of your delivery, (e.g. apartment complex, gated community, alleyways)

Delivery trucks are big and It's important to take note of where you live. Where can the delivery truck park and could there be any issues bringing the furniture to your front door, such as an elevator or a gate? Make sure to give as many details as you can.

5. Think about your furniture needs (e.g. family-friendly furniture, cleanability, kids, pets)

How will your furniture be used? Do you have kids, pets or both? It's important to let your sales professional know how your furniture will be used in your home, that way they can suggest the best fabric options for your family's use. With all of these items answered and pictures in place, you are ready to head to the store and have a successful, stress-free furniture shopping experience at any of our 14 stores. Remember, our sales staff is in the red shirts and will help anyway they can.