Furniture Shopping With Your Pets In Mind

Furniture Shopping With Your Pets In Mind

It's important when furniture shopping to remember that you will enjoy the furniture for years to come. With that in mind, you need to take your pets into account when furniture shopping.

It's important when you come into American Furniture Warehouse to let your sales professional know the types and kinds of pets that you have in order for them to best help you find the right pieces for your home. Certain materials are better for homes with pets than others, and it's important you purchase the right kinds to prevent your new furniture from being destroyed in just a few months.

Following a few tips for furniture shopping with your pets in mind will help make sure you get the most pet-friendly furniture that will keep you and your pets happy for years to come.

Always let your sales professional know about all types of animals in your home in order for them to best help you in your furniture search.


Microfiber is a great choice for homes with cats or dogs, but this is especially great for cat owners because microfiber does not provide any room for their claws to get snagged. Another pet owner advantage of microfiber furniture is that it is easy to clean stains, which any pet owner can tell you will happen at some point in the life of a pet.

Cat lying on couch


Leather is a superb option for dog owners because it is so easy to keep clean. I know, your first thought is What about when they come in the house from playing in a mud pit or rolling in the dirt? Leather furniture has got you covered because dirt is easily wiped off. Leather also does not attract fur from your dog like other upholstery options will, helping keep your furniture fur-free in shedding season.

muddy dog

If you have any questions about pet-friendly furniture, contact us today.