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Designer's Den | Home Office Design

Many Americans are joining the work from home movement, and are ditching the in-office lifestyle.
If you are in your home office a majority of the day, it is essential that you feel comfortable and happy with the space you're spending most of your time in! 

Picking the Right Desk

You are likely either a person who values comfort over style, or style over comfort, because a lot of the time, the options are either one or the other.

But why not have both? Luckily for you, AFW has affordable desk options that provide BOTH style and comfort while fueling your inspiration. 

Say you’re into a more stately look when it comes to that personal style, the executive desk from the Drake Home Office Collection by Intercon and the Sinclair Home Office Collection by aspenhome provides a sophisticated feel while being especially practical. These desks come with functional storage on either side to store all of your important documents (or knick knacks).

White executive desk

If you're one that prefers to be up and about throughout the day, it may be smart to opt for a standing desk. Sitting is an option or standing is an option, you get to choose! 

The nice thing about the standing desk is that if you’re feeling restless or need a break, you can change up the vibe just by raising or lowering your desk.

Standing desk

Desk Chairs

A desk without a chair is like a banana without a peel. It's fine for a little while, but then it starts to seriously stink… and it looks naked.

Trendy chairs that are stationary can be very comfortable and nice to look at, but swivel chairs with wheels provide a much larger range of motion. 

It's really up to you on which chair you prefer. It’s nice to be able to move around while sitting, but it’s also nice to wow people with your amazing taste in desk chairs.

You could always opt for a swivel chair with wheels behind the desk and then throw a couple of classy stationary chairs in front of the desk so you can host in person meetings. 

Brown Executive Desk

Meetings with your spouse or children or neighbors or friends or any other person who comes into your work from home office are inevitable, so why not host that “groceries for the week” meeting in style?

An added bonus to those swivel chairs is that they also work perfectly for those office chair races that you can participate in with your neighbors up and down the street who also work from home and have swivel chairs with wheels. 

There is the option available to combine chic, swivel, and wheels all into one chair! This Linen Swivel Desk Chair (below) provides exactly that. 

Blue Swivel chair with wheels

Accent Accessories 

The banana peel analogy also applies to a home office without accessories

No one likes unsolicited nakedness.

Dressing your home office up is a MUST. And accessories are the perfect way to do it. 

Wall clocks really help to elevate the space and wall art does the same. At AFW, we have a large variety of clocks and wall art including our amazing Artists of the West collections. 

Artists of the West bring museum quality canvas art into your home or office decor with AFW’s exclusive canvas prints! All prints feature art from local Colorado, Texas and Arizona artists!

Artists of West collection

We all have a memory of being in some important office when we were younger with our parents and zoning out trying to think about anything but the boring meeting they forced you to come to, and then seeing the magnificent hourglass and stunning sculpture on the desk and wanting to touch it so bad, but knowing you’re not allowed to. 

This is your time to be that important person with the big office with the amazing hourglass, or hourglass equivalent, on the desk. And you can touch it as much as you want! 

Accessories really help to accentuate your personal flare, and the home office just feels incomplete without them.  

Assorted modern accessories

Whether you just got the privilege to work from home and need a new space, or if you've been on the bandwagon sense before it was cool and want to refresh your home office look, American Furniture Warehouse has all the tips, tricks, accessories, and furniture you could ever dream of!

Shop these items, and thousands more, only at AFW showrooms, and

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