Blogger Spotlight | Somewhat Simple

Blogger Spotlight | Somewhat Simple
Stephanie Dulgarian is a mother of five and founder and creative director of the lifestyle blog Somewhat Simple. She has dedicated her considerable blogging and momming skills to helping other moms simplify their daily routines and lives with time-saving tips, recipes, and other family-life tricks! Recently, this blogging supermom took on a new DIY challenge: transforming her dark and drab hallway into something awesome. 

Read on to learn the tips and tricks that allowed her to accomplish this hallway look and find the pieces she used here:

Dresser   Rug   Crate   Round neck vase

Wood look pot   Fiddle fig   NoTieVase   WithTieVase

Hallway Decorating Ideas

Turn your empty hallway into a fresh and functional living space! Today we’re talking about Hallway Decorating Ideas and how to freshen up a space with a little bit of color.

The goal of this project was to add some simple decor elements to the upstairs hallway to lighten up the space and make it feel fresh! The problem, however, is that p
art of this space is small and hidden, so any bulky decor could make it seem even more
crowded. The other half of this space is open to our family room, so the decor of the hallway should match that same look and feel. 


To get this project started, I got to work on the darkest spot of the hallway which happened to be directly across from my linen closet. I added a rug in the prettiest blue/gray color scheme. This set the tome for the entire space and already brought some much-needed color. 


Next I added a small shelving unit to the end of the hallway that was originally in my kitchen. This shelf provided the perfect backdrop for some decor pieces that would add color and dimension. My plan for the accessories was to keep it simple. Too many items crowding the shelf would make the entire space look cluttered. I'm so happy with the result - isn't it perfect?!


This hallway has a weird curved wall that needed some sort of design element. I grabbed a basket I was no Longer using in my office, added some new throw pillows, and hung a sign above it. Next to the basket, I added a faux plant for some more hight and dimension. 


One great way to bring depth and interest to a room is by adding color. I LOVE color… but I tend to have commitment issues. I go through phases where I love blue or green and then a few short months later I am on a yellow kick. I’ve learned over the years that for people like me, it is best to have neutral statement pieces and then change things up with non-permanent accessories. That’s the approach I took when decorating my upstairs hallway – keep it neutral, add colorful accessories.

To see more home design and decor tips from Stephanie, visit her blog, Somewhat Simple!