11 Sectional Sofas that Fit the WHOLE Family

11 Sectional Sofas that Fit the WHOLE Family

We’ve rounded up some of our best sectionals, that ensure everyone's got a place to sit on movie night.

1. Mammoth by Jackson Furniture - $1894

Mammoth Sectional

This sofa lives up to its name. It’s GIANT, but also super customizable. A variety of shapes, sizes and configurations are available, and its super-soft and durable fabric means its family friendly.

Shop the many, many, Mammoth options here!

2. Altari by Ashley Furniture- $858

This sectional is ideal for smaller spaces, and smaller budgets. It’s a neutral color, crazy comfortable, and uber $1000. We can’t imagine a living room it wouldn’t work in.

Shop this sectional here.

3. Asher
 2PC Sectional - $1096

This sectional has a mid-century modern vibe, and is big on style. If you want a big comfy sofa, but want to keep it classy, this sectional belongs with you.

Shop the Asher here.

4. Cooper - $1248

Ok, it’s very light gray, which scares spill-prone individuals, or anyone with pets, or small kids. However, a light-colored sofa provides endless opportunities for accessorization. Also, this sofa can be spot cleaned, so if an accident happens, you can take care of it.

Shop the Cooper sofa here!

5. Freestyle Modular - $1820

Modular means you can make it what you want! Modular sectionals are the best when it comes to creating something totally unique to your space. THis sectional can be giant, or just right for a family of three. It’s up to you!

Get this modular sctional here.

6. Jaceon 3Pc - $1050

So much space, and so so comfortable. It can be dressed down with minimal accessories for a casual vibe, or dressed up for a more formal look. And the price is something to get excited about!

Get the Jaceon sofa here.

7. Kora - $5390

It’s a bit of a splurge, but this chic, comfortable, and durable leather sofa will last. The entire family can cozy up on this sectional for years and years. The best part about leather is while it needs a little extra love, it’s so easy to clean!

Browse the Kora collection here.

8. Rawcliffe - $1638

This is our most-searched sectional, and we get why. Neutral color, super comfy, and classic design. It goes with every room, and it’s the perfect place for the family to relax together, over 200 five-star reviews agree!

See it for yourself here.

9. Kellway - $2732

Built-in cup holders and hidden storage. Yep, this baby has features! If you’re the type of person that likes to keep snacks and drinks on hand, consider this sectional your perfect relaxation station.

Get this ultimate sectional here.

10. Ashley Italian Leather - $2422

A leather sectional for less than $2500 is nearly impossible to find, but we’ve got it here at AFW! Its luxury at a cost even us normal people can afford!

Check out this luxe sofe for less, here.

11. Pantomine - $2012

If you’re not into the chaise, but you want something a little extra on your sectional, this one has a cuddler. What’s a cuddler? Not, as you may have assumed, a person who comes with the sofa to cuddle you (ok you probably didn’t assume that). It’s a hybrid of a sofa and chaise, the best parts of both.

Get your cuddle on here.

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